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Friday, 02 June 2017


Soo @ hungryones

So strange seeing the fair empty of humans. Thanks for the preview!


I just noticed the lack of people in my photos, Soo! The blue sky photos were on May 19, and a lot wasn't set up yet...but the gray sky was yesterday morning and there were people setting up, training and doing so many final set ups. The parking lot was quite full with workers. The oreviews hopefully give an idea of what to expect.


Excellent post Cathy! I love seeing how it looks before the crowds. It's so strange not to see the clock tower anymore too but at least it was saved and relocated. Looking forward to that cauliflower sandwich and maybe even the octopus, fried of course. As always, I look forward to the home and hobby sections (the collections are always so interesting).


Bacon wrapped cactus and beignet on a stick, cc! I'm investigating for the unadvertised secret items and deals- no mention of the 17Hands specials or that meat and cheese box in the wine garden area; I'm thinking those are still available but not being promoted. The seating areas different this year also. I think the idea is to make people explore a bit so many different/western themed events and contests; There are a lot in Home and Hobby- a cornbread contest as well as a baked bean contest, and a horseshoe decorating contest too!

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