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Monday, 14 January 2013



Welcome back Vicky! It's nice to have a great new post from you!

Ed (from Yuma)

Looks great.


Good to see you again, Vicky. Looks yummy.


Where can I find pork belly in San Diego?

I love the Carnitas Snack Shack version and want to make my own.


Hi Buddha. Any Asian or Mexican Market out here sells pork belly. The Japanese and Korean Markets have the 'fancier'-Berkshire- pork available.



Vicky (SF Bay Area)

@Kirk - Thank you!! :)
@Ed - Thanks!! :)
@Cathy - Good to hear see you too!
@Buddha - I got my pork belly from Whole Foods; the butchers can special order for you and trim/etc. They were super awesome in ordering the ingredients I needed for making porchetta. Most Ranch 99's will also have it.


Hey Vicky! Do you have any tips on where to get cha sui bao in Chinatown? I was going to visit this summer.

Vicky (SF Bay Area)

@Soo There's a few great places depending on if you want the steamed or the sweet glazed/baked version.

Lung Fung Bakery
Good Mong Kok

If you're in the area, don't forget to stop by GG Bakery for the famous egg tarts!


Vicky, thanks for the tips! I visited Good Mong Kok last summer and liked their har gow, sui mei and cha sui boa. I don't eat egg tarts but I do like white rice cakes. Do you have suggestions for those? I wasn't impressed by the ones at Good Mong Kok.

Vicky (SF Bay Area)

@Soo You's Dim Sum has pretty good steamed white cakes. The rest of the dim sim is hit and miss. Char Sui Baos there are pretty good also (Baked ones tend to run out fast so get there early!

Also make sure you hit up Hai Ky Mi Gia, Lime Tree, San Tung, Farmerbrown's Little Skillet, Fresca, and Nopa!


Vicky, thanks for all the tips! I never tried the soul food in San Francisco so I'm looking forward to visiting Farmerbrown's. Have you been to Chef Jia's? Love the fried rice there. Have you been to Humphry Slocombe? Love the ice cream there.

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