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Friday, 11 January 2008




I'm like that with recipes too. But once I finally get around to trying them all, I'll usually keep one and dump the others or I would come up with an adaptation.

The karaage looks good. I haven't had the time to cook lately. :(


So if I absolutely had to pick just one of the recipes above, which one would you recommend? The familiar one you normally use or the "interesting" one?

My missus is trying to cut back on fried food. I may only get one shot at chicken karaage and it needs to be a good one.


Hi Reid - And I thought things were going to slow down a bit for you....

Hi Alan - I'd go with the classic method...try it out the two ways. Make sure to taste you marinade before you mix the chicken in it - it will give you an idea of how things will taste.


I totally can relate to the pack rat thingy as my husband and mother-in-law are masters at this! I usually keep things for awhile then when I get into a mode I throw them all out.

The 1st version sounds more traditional. Would be cool for you to go through your whole stack and compare.


my mother comes from that hoarding. i'm swear to god, if hilo town ever runs out of toilet paper, spam or cream of mushroom soup...she'll have enough. she MIGHT have to ration the shoyu but i'm sure there will be enough to go around.


my mom once mistook confectioner's sugar for potato starch when making karaage. i have not been able to eat it and think of hers--it was seriously weird, but unforgettable.

Christine D.

This will definitely be a useful recipe! Hmm, you wouldn't happen to have a milk tea and boba recipe, would you? I think that there's only one boba place around here =(

I've definitely inherited the pack rat gene from my mom's side. I've donated/recycled/thrown away a lot of stuff before I moved, but looking at all my unpacked boxes, I can't believe how much more stuff I should've left behind. "I'll need this plastic pirate sword again someday!"


hi kirk!
karaage is a bit similar to mochiko chicken (well besides the potato starch it'd be rice starch) you like that?
LOL on the pack rat thing -- i've totally got that hawaii pack rat thing, i justify it with 'i won't have to run to the store if i run out'



Um, recipe collection is one of my shameful secrets. I supposedly have a system, but truth be told, my collecting teeters on the brink of out of control. Like you, Kirk, I come from a familial line of collectors and am still living amongst my grandparents "collection." Their obsession, er, um, collection, I should say tended towards practical items like your Mom's buttons, etc. Anyhow, I know I will be able to find your recipe for kara age when I need it, so I'm not gonna print it out to add to the folder!

Passionate Eater

I love it when you cook Kirk! I always learn from you. Also, I am so happy that your new blogger, Omar visited my area! But how come you and the Missus did not come?!?


Hi Kat - LOL! Maybe the 12 days of Karaage? ;O)

Hi Reece - If there's a shortage I know ehere to go!

Hi Santos - Wow, another version of Karaage for my collection! ;o)

Hi Christine - At least you have one Boba place...could be worse! Yes, that pack rat gene courses through my veins.....

Hi Farrah - I enjoy making Mochiko Chicken Wings....hmmm, better start thawing out those wings - thanks for reminding me.

Hi Amy - I love your comment and true. Practicality as the basis for hoarding rings so true....'cause you never know when it'll be needed!

Hi PE - Happy New Year! We'll get there....I promise.

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