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Monday, 03 January 2011



delish! I haven't made oden in awhile, should make some when I get back to Osaka.


We've had the 'ingredients' part many times, but not this broth. Another use for the Mirin! Thanks for this recipe.


Hi Kat - It's been unusually cold (and wet) around these parts lately; so this was the perfect remedy for the Missus.

Hi Cathy - You know; I love the fragrance mirin gives off when it's being used.


Look delicious. I love eating oden on cold days. My favorite is the kamaboko. In Taiwan, they have the prettiest flower designs on them, but I haven't seen it here. Your idea for keeping the mushrooms together is ingenious!

Jeff C

now I know why my wife likes Oden. And with this recipe, she'll get to taste it again.
Awesome! Have a great New Year!


I loooove oden! I've never tried to make it before, though. Maybe I will!
Happy new year!


Funny, my mom made nishime and ozoni for New Year's many times when we were growing up but I don't remember her ever making oden. It looks kinda like nishime. Anyway, yours looks really yummy! :)


Hi Kirbie - I think there must be a pretty interesting history behind how popular Oden.... aka "Olen" (黑輪)is in Taiwan.

Hi Jeffrey - Taiwanese Oren is a bit different than this pretty traditional version. Still at heart it's the same.

Hi Jenne - Happy New Year to you! Convoy Conquest, huh?

Hi Lori - I also didn't grow up eating Oden... it was Nishime, Soba, and Ozoni for New Year for me as well. It could be because it's more of a Nagoya/Kansai dish.... and most of the Japanese that migrated to Hawaii weren't from that area.


Looks so good, Kirk! I've never had oden, just nishime. Oden has everything that I love so I'll have to make this before winter ends. Thanks for sharing the recipe!


Yes, it's my new project!
I think it will keep me busy for a while. :-)



Did you get my last email?

I am looking for a place to buy a chinese clay pot and also if you found out where I can get a decent japanese sushi knife. Thanks in advance.


Hi Carol - This is good stuff for cold evenings.

Hi Jenne - It sure will!

Hi Buddha - Yes, I'm still working on it. You can check for clay pots at T&L and Chef City might have them.... and you might even like their knives.


After reading this post, I went straight to my local Japanese market to pick up their oden set for dinner...not quite the same as making it yourself (yours is gorgeous!), but it'll do in a pinch. Happy New Years! :)


What a beautiful bowl of oden - so colorful! I do it the easy way and pick up one of those sets at Tokyo Fish Market, with all of the oden fillings in it. I like mine with a LOT of different kinds of fishcake too. :)


Hmmm a lot of fish cake...

When U cold maybe spicy hot pot with lamb is pretty good


Hi Kathy - Happy New Year to you!

Hi Sherry - The Missus is pretty picky as to what She wants in Her Oden.... otherwise I'd be doing the same thing!

Hi Aseanguy - Hmmmm, that's a lot of lamb! Actually, I love lamb and do make Huo Guo.... but I'm saving that for Chinese New Year!


Mmmmm... I love oden but haven't yet made it at home as it seems to be quite difficult to find the stuff for it in shops here.. :(


Hi Su-Lin, I'm hoping that you'll eventually have access to all the ingrdients.

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