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Friday, 26 September 2008



Love the alphabet pasta! I will shop at Vons today for the ingredients, but I'll probably use a crockpot to make the soup.


Mmmm...just the way mom makes it -except she uses turkey and doesn't remove any fat! This looks yummy. :)


MMM YOSO! looks delish!


Good morning Sandy- whole chickens are $1 a pound, but I can do so much more with thighs. Just salt the skin and bake at 350° for about an hour...youthen have a crispy skin treat and then the thigh meat to use for everything else... :)You know, I don't own a crock pot...
I never did it with turkey, Lori...but there will be turkey on sale soon enough.
It is good as well as simple, Judy. Basic. If people only understood and did not try to overwhelm the palate, they could be so happy.

ed (from Yuma)

Another great simple recipe. This is my style of cooking too. Thanks!

Plus these days a $5 meal is a good thing.


I have soup on the brain, too and was just digging through some soup recipes. The alphabet pasta is so cute!

Your recipe is how I make my chicken stock/soup, too. Sometimes I'll add green onions (bruised), smashed garlic cloves, and ginger which is especially good for Asian dishes that call for stock.


I think celery seed, rosemary, and thyme gives it that special aroma and kick to the whole shabang. ;-)
Well that's how I cook it.


Thanks for the post Cathy, I love a good homemade Chicken soup. Depending on the chicken, I do get a lot of oil rendered out of it but I usually leave most in cause I like the lip smacking quality. Just a warning to some not to lift the chicken out with tongs with the cavity facing your hands.. The steam almost scalded my hands once and I almost dropped the chicken! That would've been a bad sight..


Hey, didn't start out as an economy thing actually. It is how I cook at home and I just never blogged any recipes here. Glad to give you some ideas. It helps I met The Mister when we werein college and cooked this way from forever ago...
Carol- The ginger is just what it could use, of course! Next time...
Bill- I love celery seed, as well as celery salt. The rosemary and thyme would definitely compliment a turkey soup...I can try it with chicken, definitely.
Thanks for the safety hint, Dennis. I had a problem trying to lift out the thighs with chopsticks yesterday. I would imagine a hole chicken could be a mess... The ice removes some of the fat, not all of it.

jeffrey c

Cathy, looks positively delish. I'm wondering how you got the soup to be so clear. Everytime I do soup, its cloudy. I've seen methods where they do a first boil with the meat,and then pour it off to get rid of the blood flavor and then set a new pot and boil it the second time. Or am I thinking beef soup?


very nice touch at the end. i never knew you could skim off fat that way...i always just used a spoon, but something for me to remember in teh future. i'm loving that soup you made


Shoot I lift a whole chicken with chopsticks now that's scary!!!!I have other available tools to use yet I use chopsticks. I'm lazy to dig for the thongs I guess.


Hi Jeffrey- Chicken soup does not usually turn out cloudy. Beef soup is a different ballgame and usually does require an initial short boil of the bones and then new water added and then a long, slow simmer. I do like how this soup photographed as well as tasted...
Thanks, Sawyer. I got a little creative for a moment. If I let the pot rest then I can pull off the fat with a spoon once it cools. I just find it easier to do it this way if I am cooking and then eating right away.
I used regular short chopsticks, (not the long frying ones)Bill. I have a few other tools in the kitchen also, but those regular ones are just always available...I have a few pairs in the cars and always carry them on the airplane.


LOL - Cathy your a dime a dozen! ;-)


*cough cough* I think I'm coming down with something. Make me some soup? =)


Chopsticks are a dime a dozen, Bill. I am far more expensive. Ask The Mister... :D
Can do, CP. But not today- it is supposed to hit 101°.

tina marie

You've gotta love Chicken Soup
and Cathy's Alphabet Noodles :]


It's a great soup, Tina. I saw those noodles at Trader Joe's and had to buy them...creative photography you know...


wah, that pasta kills me! Looks rich and flavorful. I'm confused about the towel though, how do you clean that off? Doesn't it make yer laundry smell chickeny?


It's an organic pasta from Trader Joe's (and product of Italy) and holds sauce quite well, FH. The towel ends up with a glob of chicken fat...and I do have dogs and cats who love me very much...I toss the dishrags and other whites in the hot water load of laundry. No smells.

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