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Tuesday, 17 August 2010



Hi, do you know where I can buy Sichuan Peppercorn in San Diego? I looked at 99Ranch and for twice couldn't find it!


Awesome Kirk! We grilled last night, chickens we raised ourselves! But, I tried a new sauce you might want to try. I used my regular spice rub and allowed them to sit with the rub a couple hours before grilling. We like to sauce at the end so that it gets sticky and a bit charred. Here's the latest sauce formula:
equal parts (we used 1/3 c. each for 2 birds)
apple cider vinegar
homemade ketchup (store bought won't work, wrong flavors)
Combine in a small pot and bring to a simmer. Whisk well to combine. Remove from heat when smooth.
ADD: 2 T. vanilla
The vanilla and rum are beautiful together on the chicken. I'll give you the ketchup recipe if you want.


The humidity made it so hot yesterday, I admire you for starting up charcoal. I never have grilled or even toasted ciabatta, but now I will. The Rou Jia Mo looks (and with cumin, sounds) wonderful!


Hi Jess - I'm pretty sure they still have Sichuan Peppercorn at 99 Ranch Market. They are in the same aisle as the spices. Used to be near the middle of the aisle. Thuan Phat also has them. If you've never boguht Sichuan Peppercorn before it can be confusing. Check out the photo of the package in this post:

It may only say Dried Pepper Corn or Prickly Ash.

Hi Jo - Thanks for the recipe.

Hi Cathy - You know, it really didn't feel that bad out here.....


The sandwich looks awesome. I love the addition of the garlic and bell peppers.

Jeff C

Kirk, I think your choice of grilling speaks for itself in letting the flavors of the produce and meat come through. Everything is at the height of their flavors, so going simple is the best way to really enjoy them.
I need to do this but I'm so lazy about sitting in 105 degree weather watching over a grill. THough with the right chilled beverage beside me, I think I could tolerate it.


yummy! sounds so delicious!


Sounds and looks great. I just got some really nice loin lamp chops at Henry's. Gonna try your cumin lamb chop recipe.


Why can't I find a man who cooks? Significant Other couldn't burn his ass in a barn fire. Maybe in my next life... I hope I don't come back as a lizard or something that eats bugs. Oh yeah, the sandwich looks fabulous!


Hi Carol - Just beef wouldn't have cut it... plus, I love onions and garlic.

Hi Jeffrey - Thanks. Grilling is supposed to be simple, and getting it to the table quickly means keeping things just that. Man 105..... geez it's in the high eighties here and I'm whining....

Thanks Kat!

Hi Stephen - I hope they turn out well for you!

Hi AZ - LOL! You crack me up!

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