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Saturday, 07 April 2007



As long as it's not "How to Serve Man", you and I are Kosher. =D


This sounds really good, Kirk. I'll try the recipe in a couple of weeks. :) Happy Easter.


Hi CP - ruff...ruff! Grrrrr.

Hi Cathy - Happy Easter, I hope you enjoyed it!


How many cookbooks do you have??!!


Hi Annie - I have 67 cookbooks...I've given each of them names, and tuck them into bed each night! Just kidding... LOL! I am trying to make at least one recipe from each one to justify owning so many cookbooks(several were gifts)...I'm doing rather well!


My wife needs to buy me some cook book if she wants good eats. ;-)


Hi Billy - Just remember that the pressure will be on once you get those cookbooks! he-he-he....


wow! i don't feel bad about my collection of cookbooks then!! i'm trying to avoid acquiring too many cookbooks but then i'll justify a new cookbook by telling myself that they are necessary purchases if i want to keep eating at home without getting bored!!


Hi Annie - By having to make at least one item from each cookbook limits me to several purchases a year.

Deb Colomb

I found you guys when I was researching Bud's Louisiana Food Shoppe. You seem to be one of many food gurus in San Diego so I am looking for some special info from you.
My 91 y/o mother loves lamb but only goes out for lunch. We've had Sammie's but she only goes out to eat for lunch so many other restaurants are not open then. Any ideas for lunch time lamb that is tasty, tender and not spicy??


Hi Deb - Food Guru??? Thank you for the compliment...but I'm mostly a food "eater". I'm not quite sure that this will fit the bill, but I think the lamb dishes at Khyber Pass in Hillcrest are great....the food is well flavored, but everyone's determination of what is "spicy" is different. Why don't you have a gander at the menu:

And if it looks promising, give it a try yourself. And I'll keep thinking about it as well. I believe Chef Tony has not reopened yet, but that would have been a good place as well.


Another Hello, Deb. I also eat, and document, like Kirk. Thanks for the nice words.
In La Mesa at Fletcher Parkway and Jackson (Same parking lot as Chili's) there is Vine Ripe Market and right in front next to the market entrance is a restaurant that serves Lamb Kabobs as well as Lamb Kafta. No atmosphere, plastic tables but excellent, fresh food. The menu is on the website

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