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Monday, 25 March 2013



Never knew about this place and we're down there every weekend too. This is the same strip mall that has Oasis ice cream parlor. A few doors down from Oasis is a Filipino take out place that sells fried chicken skin by the pound!!!!!


I thought you were going to surprise me Kirk. My son gave up "fried" for lent and the first thing he wants on Easter is some good ole salt and pepper chicken wings! Guess we'll go to his favorite, Golden Chopsticks...


You are funny Kirk, I have to do a visit once I'm on spring break.


Hi CC - Yes, this is the same strip mall.

Oh Jack, could anyone give up fried foods! ;o)

Check them out TFD.....


I giggled when I saw this post b/c i was JUST craving asian fried chicken wings today! AND i was thinking how your blog brought me to the wings at Phuong Trang!! I still think they have THE best wings for some reason. But yeah - who orders wings for the meat?! It's all about the seasoning and batter!

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

I never understood why the quality of Chinese food in SD is so subpar. There's such a large Chinese population, so there's definitely a market for it but you just cannot compare our Chinese food to what they have in LA/OC.


Hi Faye - It's good that you have a favorite!

Hi JS - This post really isn't about "Chinese food". It's mainly about one specific item which is very popular. It seems that the market here is quite satisfied with the meager offerings with regards to Chinese food, though Ba Ren really had a good run.


too bad about the quality


I know Kat. It would have been that much better.


Say no to fried blood clot meat!!!!


LOL know exactly what I'm talking about!


What are your top 5 wing spots in San Diego now?

I tried looking for updated rankings, but I only saw your post from 2009.


Hi Kha - Hard to say....maybe I should do some rankings, huh? Fish Sauce Wings from Que Huong and Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings from Mandarin Canton or Royal Mandarin(Though YMMV) Teba from Yakyudori. Buffalo wings...can't find anything that significantly tops what I make at home. I have an entire category for wings:

BTW, thanks so much for the Song Long recommendation! Loved the Cha Ca Thang Long!


Thanks for the update Kirk. I'm glad you liked the Cha Ca Thanh Long at Song Long.

I'm a big chicken wing fan. My favorite American style wing joint in SD is Dirty Birds down in Pacific Beach. Phileas Foggs can been good too, but they are a little inconsistent.

Completely off-topic, but if you haven't been to SA Deli yet off of Clairemont Mesa Blvd., you should check it out. They do meat pies there. I would call in ahead to see what they have on a given day. The steak and mushroom is my favorite so far. The curry vegetable one is good too.


Hi Kha - I really didn't think Dirty Birds was that good so let me try them again.


I'm guessing the wings at Dirty Birds probably aren't as crispy as you like and the meat is not top notch either. I suppose I like the variety of sauces they carry.


That's about right Kha.....still, I'll check them out again soon!

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