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Monday, 10 November 2008



I love the smell of food cooked in banana leaves. The fish looks delicious - thanks for sharing!


Oooo, talk about bringing back memories! Your first mention of Cambodian Fish Amok brought me straight back to Hawai'i, where family friends used to make this for monthly potlucks...I've yet to Mok Pa, though can imagine the taste in my mouth! :)


Wow. Completely awesome.


Looks and sounds flavoursome. A bit fiddly like traditional malay satay but well worth it, it looks like! I always wondered how to get the banana leaves pliable :)


Hi Sharon - The recipe was very easy to make; and I'm sure it would be fabulous in your talented hands.

Hi Kathy - It turned out to be quite good!

Hi Chris - I hope you'll try it soon.

Hi Rachel - The fish was very moist, yet kept it's form. The hardest part (for me) was wrapping it all...I'm all thumbs it seems.


Oh, another way to get more fish into my diet. Looks delicious!


wow, that sounds wonderful and very aromatic. apparently, frozen banana leaves are more pliable than fresh...


Darn that looks good! I just had two yakisoba UFOs and it's still making me hungry.. Any fish you recommend Kirk? Also I wonder how this works with Pork? Cheers,


Hi Carol - And pretty easy to make...the hardest part for me was getting the banana leaves to "work right".

Hi FH - Actually fresh banana leaves are more pliable, but both sohuld be "heated" briefly.

Hi Dennis - We used Black Cod for this, but any firm white meat fish should work fine. Pork should work fine....we've done a chicken version which I'll post in the future.


Mok Pa (Fish) & Mok Gai (Chicken)...YUM! Mok Moo (Pork) is okay if you use ribs or a fattier section. The paste can also be made in a blender/VitaMix if you're lazy (like me). Also, you can omit cornstarch if you blend in a handful of uncooked sticky rice for the starch. Lastly, if you line a piece of foil w/ the banana leaves, throw everything in the middle and "tent" everything together, you don't have to worry about being all thumbs. ;p Great recipe, Kirk!


Hi Pheth - Thanks for the tips....never thought about the aluminum foil thing! Though I believe flavors will be different in a food processor vs a mortar...cutting instead of bruising changes things.


Kirk, I made this for dinner last night and it was delicious! I followed your recipe exactly, except I actually used the rice flour (I had some gathering dust). I cut the fish into bite size pieces. I looks like one chunk, but thats just the sauce holding it together. I ate with some rice and steamed kabocha. Not going to win any photography awards but here it is


Oh, and this is before steaming

I can't wait for the MMM Yoso cookbook!


Hi Chris - Nice looks better than what I make!


A huge tip - start looking for fresh banana leaves (used for some types of tamales) being sold at reasonable prices at Latin American markets after Thanksgiving.


We had the Mok at Tamarind in Luang Prabang about a month ago. Now it's a snowy day in the Midwest and I got the urge to recreate it. Thank you for sharing this!


Hi Ginny - Welcome and thanks for commenting! You got us missing Laos now!

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