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Wednesday, 15 November 2006



mmm, that una-don looks good!!!

your Missus has good taste--brussels sprouts are one of my favorite vegetables. we eat it with practically everything here at the gluttony household. =)

and to cathy...get well soon!!!


Another brussels sprouts fan here! I used to be mystified by the extreme hatred some people have for this vegetable, until I realized that many people have only tasted lousy examples of them. If you get sprouts that were allowed to grow too big and hang around too long, they'll be bitter. And if you overcook them, they make like other members of the cabbage family and get a really nasty flavor and odor. But if you get tiny young sprouts, and gently cook them just enough to make them tender and no more, they are really and truly yummy. Well, at least I think they're yummy. :-)


I've never in my life had brussel sprouts. Do they taste like they look? Tiny cabbages?

Your skills in the kitchen never fails to amaze me. Making unagi from scratch is something I wouldn't even think of doing, much less attempt!


Hi Pam, and everyone who has sent me get well wishes...I guess I can play a guessing game with all of you, too.
My illness is:
1. Not contagious
2. The medicine I got will do absolutely nothing to make me better any faster.
3. Basically, physics is involved.


I'm going with stomach virus, Cathy. Am I right? Get well soon, with the help of gravity! Or maybe inner ear...


Not really close, except for the gravity part...and timewise, one part *might* be over in 6 weeks, yet there will be lingering well into next year....:)

wandering chopsticks

Hi Cathy,

Are congratulations in order here? :)


I love your posts about your wife's obsessions. I'm totally like that when I get a craving.


oh! oh! is wandering chopsticks right, Cathy? if so, congrats!!

cathy, no...oh my..I didn't even think of that..esp in respect to gravity, Anna....not that kind of illness...oh man, bad clues...
I have a post almost done and will put an add the weekend. Keep guessing.


Hi Pam - So you crave brussel sprouts???

Hi Mizducky - Brussel sprouts are easy to can you mess them up?

Hi Elmo - They do taste cabbage-y, they also have gotten a bad rap, and are not as bad as most people say.

Hi WC - So you're relentless in feeding your obsessions! I admire the focus and determination.

Hi Cathy - LOL! Something you haven't told us?? Just kidding!


How do people mess up cooking brussels sprouts? By boiling them until they're grayish, mushy and unappetizing, usually--the way the Midwestern parents of my best friend did. You have to remember there are a huge number of Caucasian Americans who grew up believing the only way to cook vegetables was to boil them to within an inch of their lives--and then had no clue why they didn't like to eat 'em. :-D

wandering chopsticks


Right now I'm hungry but don't have any particular craving. That's even worse!


I love Brussel sprouts. One of my favorite detox dishes is an oden made using Brussel sprouts and konnyaku.

- Chubbypanda


Hi WC - That is tragic...but I'm sure it'll be remedies soon!

Hi CP - Brussel sprouts in Oden? That's a new one for me.


hey kirk~ yep! we DO crave brussels sprouts, however boiled brussels sprouts are sacreligious. no no, you gotta saute them! cut them in half lengthwise and saute with garlic, shallots, and a little bacon or pancetta. cook 'em till they're a little brown on the edges. add a couple dashes of balsamic and you're set! or...a simpler saute w/ just olive oil & garlic is good too. =)


I love brussels sprouts too! I like them the same way as Pam with shallots & pancetta. But my absolutely favorite way is to braise them in heavy cream with a pinch of nutmeg.

Cathy, I hope you're feeling better :(


O O OOOO I adore brussels sprouts! Particularly at holiday meals. Unfortunately they are not an abundant creature around here and I have not had opportunity to plant any either! =o( I love some of the more creative cooking methods I see from other readers. My way is rather plain but it is fast and easy!
Clean & trim 1 to 2 cups of sprouts, put in microwaveable dish with about 1 tablespoon of water and a smallish knob of butter. Cover tightly. Nuke for 6 minutes.
I'm trying the saute though. Maybe for Thanksgiving if I can find some at a reasonable price!

Joseph E

Kayaba now has a set of shelves displaying plastic versions of their dishes. I wonder if they had to order the plastic food from Japan; it was quite realistic. If my memory serves, I saw several katsu dishes, tempura, udon, ramen and various combinations.


maybe i'm cooking them wrong, but the sprouts always seem to have a slightly mushy texture, especially on the insides.


Hey Kirk, writing this from Taiwan, just in the mood for eel too. I'll email you when I get back.

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