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Sunday, 13 December 2009



yummy way to warm up on a cold evening!


Tasty looking recipe. Gotta try the shoyu in the soup next time. Never tried mustard greens. Been meaning to do a portugese bean soup after your last recipe. BTW, do you have a good recipe for oxtail stew?


Yum, oxtail soup!


Darn, I really need to cook more.. I see ox tails in the market often but rarely thought of buying them. love osso buco. Thanks for the inspiration!


I use ox tail to make pho when I'm too lazy to parboil regular bones to make soup. I just usually let them rest a bit and wash them in cold water and squeeze the blood out of the veins and then dump it into rapidly boiling water so that the scum floats up and collects. Anyways the soup looks really good and simple and not to mention who would pass up ox tail.


hi kirk -ox tails are so good!i love them in 'kare kare'!


Hi Kat - It sure did the trick for us.

Hi Kyle - I use my basic Beef Stew recipe with just a couple of different steps for Oxtail Stew. Maybe I'll do a post soon since I haven't made stew in quite a while.

Hi Carol - It's really nice and hearty.

Hi Dennis - The one thing is, oxtail used to be so they are quite expensive.

Hi Bill - Yes, who would pass up oxtail.

Hi CC - Yes, oxtails are great!


Ah, now I know what to make next Saturday for eats on Sunday (I have been making things I could cook the day before (football) Sunday that are worth of a Sunday dinner. And I've made tons of oxtails. Looking forward to this version.

Where do you find raw peanuts (OK, I know where). More importantly, how do you recognize them and is there a Chinese or Vietnamese name for them?



Hey Jan - You can get raw peanuts at Henry's.... or at 99 Ranch Market - you can tell raw peanuts, they are really, really pale in color. Make sure to take all the "skin" off.


Oh yum...ox tail!

P.S. The Counter just opened up in case you wanted to take a drive to the North County.


brings me back to my childhood. your version looks awesome btw =)


Hi Rosa - Thanks for letting me know...... looks like they're moving South, so maybe I'll wait a bit longer!

Hi H - Thanks for the kind words.... it was very good. All these dishes have a special place in my heart.


I think I'll try this recipe with the crock pot. The version I have from a Hawaiian friend is similar but has 5 spice but no dried citrus peel.

I don't remember ever having mustard greens with oxtail soup. The grated ginger and cilantro are a must!


Hi Sandy - Most Oxtail soup recipes differ a bit. I'm not a fan of cloves and cinnamon flavors in my oxtail soup - two of the main ingredients of 5-spice, along with ginger and anise, which I use.... The mustard greens are my own thing, though I've seen Napa Cabbage and Bok Choy used..... If I remember the Oxtail Soup I had at Sam Choy's used Bok Choy.


I made this recipe this past weekend, but haven't sampled it past taste checking. This will be our MNF meal. I can't wait.

A bit of advice to anyone who hasn't peeled raw peanuts before. Soak them for 2-3 hours first. We got halfway through the bag without soaking them when I almost got into my Saab, grabbed my cell phone, and went for a little ride around the block. :)
I did a quick search online and discovered that soaking helps. And indeed it did.


Hey Jan - I bought raw peanuts that were already "skinned". You may want to take your Saab down to 99 Ranch Market and find them next time! ;o)



'sallright. It gave my wife and I something to do together.

So we had the glorious concoction last night. I've made this before (without peanuts), and this was the best. This recipe will definitely go in the "binder".

I had too much liquid, so after setting aside leftovers, we have an ample amount of strained broth. I'll be throwing in some dumplings and bok choy the next time the weather turns cold.



Hi Jan - I'm glad the recipe turned out well. Thanks, as always for letting me know. BTW, the Missus loves noodles in the leftover broth.


I made oxtail soup in a crockpot, but I didn't follow your recipe. I started the soup on Sunday, but didn't eat it until Tuesday. The broth is a bit scummy because I wanted the ease of throwing everything in at once. It's kind of frightening the thick layer of fat, but the soup (with garnishes) sure hit the spot on a cold night.

Hope you and the Missus have a wonderful holiday and more great eats!


Hi Sandy - You could solve part of the "scum" issue by either pouring hot water over the oxtails, or by doing a quick blanch and rinse. I like to eat the soup the next day so I can skim off some of the fat before is quite a hefty amount! Best wishes for the holidays to you!

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