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Sunday, 23 December 2007



You just gave me a childhood flashback--when I used to help my mom grate the potatoes for the latkes, I always used to joke around that the potatoes were turning pink not from oxidation, but from my bleeding knuckles.

Your latkes look quite gorgeous, actually, and I'm tickled to see you making one of my tribe's dishes--turn-about is fair game! :-) My mom would have been pleased that you hand-grated the potatoes--the texture of the finished latke is just not the same if you use the food processor, it mashes the potato up too much.

Hurrah for fried things!


Wow, just the fact that you have a subscription to Saveur has left me speechless. And then the wonderful Latkes you made with hand-grated potatoes. I kow tow to you, Sensei!

So how did your Missus like it? And I probably would have used ketchup, too.

Wandering Chopsticks

What a coincidence! Well, not really since it was just Hanukkah...but I made latkes this week too! And *gasp* ate it with ketchup! :) And basically used the same recipe, minus the matzo meal since I didn't have any. Hmm. OK, I'm gonna go post my recipe so I can link to yours. Hehe.



I tried this recipe a while back and enjoyed it (but not with ketchup!). I'm glad the missus was able to get you into the kitchen.


Those look like pretty awesome latkes to me!! :)
...I wonder how they would taste with some flaked salmon mixed in...hehe
...use to eat my latkes with hoisin sauce, but that must just be the Asian in me!

Mele Kalikimaka! :)


Oh--sooo yummy looking. I can feel my teeth biting through the delicate crunch!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!


never tried latkes, but they look really good!

Merry Christmas!!


I spit out my coffee when I read "Hey, you can do a post on it" many times have we heard THAT one??? Merry Christmas!


Wow! Really beautiful. Never thought of using Yukon Gold potato. My grandmother used to use regular russet. Ketchup??!! Ye Gods! Sour cream or apple sauce, or a little sea salt. Now that's the way to eat a latke.


That turned out looking pretty good. So necessity isn't the mother of invention; it's a wife who prods you into doing it. Merry Christmas to you and the Missus!


Hi Mizducky - Thanks, I'm glad you approve. I think grating does make a, there's a sense of achievement and sacrifice...all that lost skin! ;o)

Hi Carol - I think Saveur is the only food magazine I still subscribe to. The Missus loved them, but didn't realize how filling they were.

Hi WC - I love your post.....ketchup and all!

Hi Reid - Yep, out of restaurants, and back into the kitchen! Merry Christmas!

Hi Kathy - Hoisin sauce? Now that's a new one.

Hi Sher - Thanks! And Happy Holidays to you as well.

Hi Kat - Really easy, but much more filling than I thought it would be.

Hi Cathy - Waaaay too many times! Like daily.... ;o)

Hi Stephen - We both enjoyed the flavor of yukon golds, and it's a bit more starchy.

Hi Elmo - Yes, you're right..... Merry Chritmas.


ahah! Merry Christmas to you, the Missus and the Boys, Kirk. I love your wife's methods for getting the foods she likes to eat. YOU CAN MAKE A PANCAKE, CAN'T YOU?! seriously awesome, I'll have to remember that one for my arsenal when I get married.


Hi Penny - Merry Christmas....the Missus has a huge "arsenal" and strategies....and most of them seem to work!

Christine D.

Ouch, grated knuckles?! Reading that gave me the shivers, haha.

The last time I've had latkes was in elementary school when we each brought in a food that represented our ethnic background. I liked it with sour cream rather than applesauce. Maybe I'll give ketchup a shot, it's potatoes anyways!

Thanks for the holiday wishes! I hope you, the Missus, Sammy, and Frankie have a wonderful holiday season!


Hi Christine - Yeah you can't help get them a bit.....well you know. At least I don't think any of it got into the potatoes...I think.....

Messy Jessy

Mmmm...I love Latkes! I made some during Hanukkah! My favorite way to eat them is with a dollop of applesauce and sour cream! Oh yum. I may have to make these again!


Hi MJ - The Missus has really been enjoying hers as well! Happy New Year to you!

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