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Sunday, 28 February 2010



I always get seconds of these panchan. Now I know the name! Your version is especially making me crave a nice bowl of hot rice..


Oh my gosh, those two are super cuties. What sweet faces!

The potatoes look pretty good too =)


looks like you had a great day!


the recipe i never thought i needed...until now! so ono. great job, kirk, more carbs for me!


I've always wondered how to make these! Thanks!


awwww, your kids are so cute ;)


Hi Dennis - Funny you should mention rice.... I ended up eating this with a nice big bowl.... potatoes and rice! LOL!

Hi Lynnea - Thanks! Amd thanks! ;o)

Hi Kat - It was a nice morning......

Hi Santos - Thanks so much. Coming from you that's high praise.

Hi Su-Lin - It was pretty easy.

Thanks Judy - I'm wondering how "Stein-y" is doing?


Sad that you know how to make more Korean dishes than I do. My Korean card is revoked... ;)

I'm going to try this recipe at home this week and see if the Husband will eat it! If not, then...well, more for me! :D


Awesome! We love this panchan and now I can make it when I make kalbi. Sweet!!

Aww, Da Boys are so cute! I bet they enjoyed the park.


Ah man, I used to take the doggies there when we lived off of India Street. We went to Balboa Park yesterday, which wasn't shabby either. :)


thanks for the panchan recipe. i haven't been lucky enough to have it yet but now i can just make it thanks to you.

cute dogz!!!!!!!


LOL Rosa! You're too funny......

Hi Carol - You can keep the kochujang and ground chilies out to make it non-spicy.

Hi Jan - Man was it pretty yeaterday!

Hi CC - These potatoes, when made well, are like crack!


I needed some inspiration for a bag o' taters at home, I'm glad I stopped by. The view over there looks lovely!


Hey FH - This one is pretty tasty.... It's really nice after a good rain has scrubbed the skies clear.



I love these potatoes, non spicy, or spicy. We usually always eat them with rice! Carb on carbs, but so good! My Mom used to bring this and rice to a lot of pot lucks, and would have people chasing after her for the recipe, not realizing that she doesn't measure! Unfortunately she wants to cook "american" food but she needs someone to show her because she cannot understand the cups, tsp, grams, etc. :P


LOL Mills! BTW, it's very nice to hear from you, I hope all is going well. I think your Mom should use the same instincts she has as a fabulous cook and use them for "American" dishes! ;o)


Yeah she does for the most part but when she can't figure out how something is put together, she asks for help but most people tell her a cup of this and tsp of that, and she tunes out. :P

Yeah it is good to hear from you too. I always check here but I haven't commented lately.

_ts of [eatingclub] vancouver

I tried making these potatoes but they were a failure! I'll try your recipe next time. =)


Hi TS - Give it a shot, this ended up much better than I thought.

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