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Saturday, 03 January 2009



Looks delicious. I once made Red cooked pork belly that I slow braised, It tasted good but was almost too soft, we really could eat it with a spoon. As you say, probably the pork hocks work better with that sort of cooking technique.


Wow, the braised oxtails look delicious. I have never attempted to cook them. I may have to try out your recipe. I usually don't stray away from pork belly when making such dishes.


Kirk, those cooked oxtails look really good. Shinnen omedeto!


Hi Lynnea - First off, Happy New Year! Pork Belly would probably be better off with the short cook method.

Hi Mscinda - If you try them please let me know how they turn out!

Hi FH - Thanks....these were very easy to make. Shinnen Omedeto Gozaimasu!


Looking GREAT. I love to see fellow food-bloggers singing the praises of the braise. I have a lot of oxtails in the freezer and may be trying this out in the next few weeks!



Yum, I love this dish. My mom just made it for me when I went back to visit during xmas. Yours looks delicious!


Hi Michael - Try it out, and let me know how it turns out.

Hi Gaga - I'm not sure it ranks up there with Mom... and for sure the Missus will be doing the Cheese Biscuits! Thanks for dropping by and commenting.


I don't think I would be able to wait the day...looks delicious :)


Hi Kat - Thanks, you are too nice! This was just the easy method of red cooking... if you have 5-6 hours t hang around the house.

Judy Lee

mmmmmm... oxtail! oxtail stew sounds good right about now. chilly weather, hot stew


Hi Judy - Yes.... you're right!


My sourdough starter is at least 5 years old but I do have to admit that the perpetuated braising liquids does sound a bit, um, nevermind.

I almost bought some oxtail when we were at 99 Ranch to pick up lobsters. But the Mister made a face so I passed. My mom used to make red cooked "all sorts of stuff" but her favorite was chicken and pig feet (not my favorite). But I always liked the eggs.


Hi Carol - I think the Missus enjoys the boiled eggs most off all!

jeff c

wow, another great recipe for me to try. I like your use of ox tail. I'll have to try that. The richness of the beef taste and the break down of the collagen in the bones should make it quite good.
The importance of the skin in the pork hocks is to allow the collagen enhance the viscous nature of the sauce. Thats why a lot of these dishes are used for confinement month postnatal. Of course they would then use lots of ginger and black vinegar. and that would totally change the dish.


Hi Jeffrey - I think I'm working my way up to pork pump..... if I can find it at the market! Brasied meat and cold weather just seem to go hand in hand.

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

Fantastic dish! I love the mixing of the meats: never tried it before but you've inspired me to experiment.


Hi JS - Winter is a wonderful time for braising, isn't it? I look forward to checking out your experiments.

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