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Thursday, 10 April 2014



have been wondering about shio koji for awhile, especially since Satoshi has to watch his salt intake...will think about it a little while more :) thanks for sharing your experiences!


Haha my lab actually works on one of the enzymes from Aspergillus... Not from orzyae though, it does have to do with starch degradation. Anyhow, this is pretty fascinating to me from both scientific and culinary perspectives. I may have to pick up a bottle and try it out for myself :) for sharing!!




Thought it was a soy milk drink. So some pre digested miso junk out of a bacteria's a$$. FTW
I might have to try it ;-).


Hi Kat - It really brings on the flavor!

Hi Jinxi - Grab a bottle, we really like the stuff....

Good God CC...commercial jingle hell...

Hey Billy - Make sure you think of that when you're trying it ok? ;o) This thing really smells like Com Ruou.


Hi Kirk,

I've been daily reader for years but never posted.
I recommend making your own. I use a tub of Cold Mountain Koji from Nijaya. For $8, some sea salt and water you can make about 8 cups or so.
I use 1T per pound of meat some times a little more. It is the secret to everything from Thanksgiving turkey, scrambled eggs and yes through some in your poke. I make smaller batches of shoyu koji for beef which is amazing.


Hi Barry - First off thanks for reading all these years, I appreciate it! Actually, you wouldn't guess what's in our fridge right now??? Or would you? Thanks again for reading and (finally) taking the time out to comment!


My mom makes Com Ruou. She might be able to make a knock off of this stuff.

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

As I get older a lot of fermented foods I thought were too funky tasting when I was younger I started to like a lot more. It seems the fermentation process for savoury foods always ups the amount of umami taste, which is awesome. Will have to stop by this place and pick up a bottle of this stuff. Any other ideas on what/how it can be used besides chicken wings??


I dunno Billy......let me know if she tries!

Hi JS - The salad dressing is awesome, I think folks are using it for pork, chicken....see Barry's comment above. Anywhere you'd want savory flavor and a salt replacement.


That is hilarious! Matthew also hates fruit in his salads! I love it =) maybe this would be a solution. I've always wondered about Shio koji and I'm glad you posted on it. thanks =)


Hi Lynnea - Give this a shot, it makes killer salad dressing....even with fruits! ;o)



is it anything like the glutinous rice/wine/mushy pulp thing that (us)Chinese most commonly use for that chicken dish?

I have equal fond and horrible memories of the dish being occasionally tasty and more often than not, way too over powering in the alcoholic fermented rice flavour.

Maybe I'll go hunt this down in the Japanese stores and give it a try. It never hurts to learn something new to do with chicken wings.


Hi Peter - Kinda/sorta.....this is a different strain of mold and has a flavor sort of like winey-miso. Give it a shot, I have a feeling you'll find a multitude of uses for it.


it's the little things that make me love being in london; from where I get me supply of Wasabi flavour KitKat.

is that the stuff?


That's it Peter! Have fun!


Bought a bottle from my local Uwajimaya and will be grilling up some wings following your recipe.


Hi Kyle - Use that second recipe. Be careful because it'll burn quick. Have fun!


Used the second recipe. Wife loved it. She says that is the best grilled chicken. BTW, where do you get your bincho-tan? I looked online and the stuff that is on sale is for filtering water.


Hi Kyle - I'm glad your wife liked the chicken, thanks for letting me know how it turned out. I buy my bincho at either Nijiya - they have better product, but only off and on. Sometimes it's in a wrapper styrofoam tray or in a brown paper bag. Marukai living also has bincho, located in Marukai living by the grills.

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