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Saturday, 24 January 2009


Faine G

That looks like seriously simple and tasty food. Think it'd be good with artichoke hearts?


Hi Faine. Simple is the can taste all the ingredients. I would use frozen artichokes if anything...or add canned (plain, not marinated) ones to the final ten minutes only. It may almost be too much flavor (you know that slight sweet aftertaste?) to cook the chokes. I might serve some on the side...


Sorry but...I can't eat's gross.


I did mention you could do this with shimp or chicken or another fish, TLB. I didn't used to like tilapia, eiher. Then I tried it, plain and baked-like this recipe- and it is pretty much a plain white fish that has no distinct flavor of its own, yet a solid texture. It takes on the flavors of the other ingrdients. Really.


Happy New Year of the Ox.


Happy New Year, Ji Chou, Bill!


I've had an aversion to tilapia since small kid time, and that's a long time ago. Caught many in the polluted canals around Honolulu, always gave to the cats. Ugly, black fish. Even the "pond raised" I do not eat.

They tried years back to promote a pond raised white tilapia variant in Hawai'i and call it "Hawai'i Sunfish" but I don't know the results. I see it in the tanks at Chinese restaurants and still will not eat it. Just the word tilapia and I will avoid it like the plague.


By the way - Kung Hee Fat Choy to all!


I understand you completely, Okihwn. I was the same way until very recently. You really can use any fishor seafood or chicken for this meal, I was just using what was on sale this week.

Happy New Year!


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This was delicious!

I changed it up a bit though. I used canned spinach, and canned diced tomatoes. The tomatoes came roasted in garlic and onions. I put some olive oil first and then a layer of the canned spinach. Then I put the seasoned tilapia. Next, I put the diced tomatoes, some grated parmesan, and some italian-style bread crumbs.
Baked as directed...

The BEST fish I've ever had!!!


Welcome to the blog and thanks for trying the recipe, Matthew. Some of those roasted tomatoes are great and you don't need to add many other ingredients. We seem to have fresh spinach available year round, so I use it all the time. I do remember when we lived elsewhere and frozen and canned spinach were easier.

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