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Thursday, 27 June 2013



those sandwiches look awesome!


I like mine with mayo and lettuce on a Hawaiian roll! Yum!


How did they build a parking over half a cemetery? Wouldn't they have to dig out the dead people first?

I love Teri beef! Never had Teri beef sandwiches but I always get the lunch plate in Kaui at Bobby's!


Oh, I want those sandwiches!

Great commercial! Love the dude's hair style!


They really hit the spot Kat!

Double yum Kristy!

Maybe TFD...maybe....

Hi CC - I actually had something close to that back then. Scary..... Angel Flight's as well. Yikes!


That looks delicious! I just happen to have some Aloha Shoyu. :-)


Hi Soo - Try it's a really easy one!

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

This stuff looks so good! Had never seen teri beef sandwiches before but I am pinning this recipe to try later!!


Hi JS - This is a real easy one. I grew up eating this stuff so it's comfort food for me.


what kind of meat cut did you use


Hi Alex - Rib eye sliced for bulgogi.

Lori Allen

By the way, for those in the Denver area, you can get Aloha Shoyu at H Mart. (The big Korean market off Parker road)


In Ewa Beach, think it was Tropical Drive In. They were very good, think they were a buck each. Ate them there for years.


Hi Mike - I really took stuff like this for granted, since they served it everywhere when I was growing up. It took my move to the mainland to appreciate all of this. Thanks for commenting!

Karin Hopkins

Byrons drive in


Talk about a blast from the past Karin....when I think of Byrons; I think of the "shrimp Burger". Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment!


Terri-King 4 evah!! Jolly Roger Dillingham. I can't believe no drive in picked up that sandwich. I want that sandwich now, with grilled onions and mayo!!!!


My goodness Michael, you got me craving a Teri Beef King now!!!!!

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