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Sunday, 18 September 2011



You had me at deep fried cheese.

Did a mushrooom and saffron risotto for lunch just now. Infused chicken stock with Spanish saffron and used it to make a risotto. Finished it off with wild mushrooms sauteed in butter and herbs, and some pecarino romano cheese. Gre the herbs myself. :)


I love salads so much and a deep fried goat cheese salad sounds amazing! I also had a craving for goat cheese this week so topped a log of fresh chevre with the homemade fig jam that I made last week. It was really good sprinkled with toasted pecans =)


Another new item for us. Thank you :D


Hi CP - Man that sounds great.

Hi Lynnea - That sounds delish!

Hey YY - We both loved the deep fried goat cheese.....


I've made panko-crusted mozzarella sticks before, but using goat cheese is just brilliant!


Hi Alyssa - It's also a little bit more expensive! ;o) Worth it for us though.... I hope you try it out.


That looks soooo amazing! How long does it take to deep fry?

I've always had a hard time w/ goat cheese. Too tangy and weird for me for some reason. I can't do blue cheese or any stinky cheeses either. Weird huh.

But this salad really looks beautiful!


Hi Faye - It takes only a few's cheese so it doesn't have to super hot. Funny you should mention the funkiness....I didn't care for really strong flavored cheeses when I was younger, but as I've grown older I enjoy them more. It's also quite funny that many Asians hate curdled milk from an old cows udder, but love stuff like Chou Doufu!


mmm, drooling... I've baked goat cheese, never fried it, sounds fabulous


Hi FH - It's basically the same thing......but of course it's deep frying! ;O)

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