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Friday, 16 April 2010



never tried chicken alice's but this looks really spicy and good!


Hmmmmm give me some! ;-)
Looks good regardless and nothing beats the home cooking.


Hi Kat - Strangely, in spite of looks, the recipe is not that spicy.

Hi Bill - Thanks.... I'd love to give you some.


yummy! the recipe looks simple enough and tasty - especially the marinate overnight and then fry with no extra steps.


Awesome post Kirk. Loved reading that article on Alice too. I doubt you stepped foot in a Yoshinoya recently but have you tried their wings? They're very "sesame" and I find them strangely addicting... :)


Wooo-mama that looks delicious! I haven't made Chicken Alice wings in a long time but I'm really tempted to make a trip up to Gardena just to pick up some sauce. And lookee, right next to it is Hawaiian Chili Water!!! Double mama!!


Hi FH - It is a pretty easy recipe.

Hi Dennis - I still hav never set food in a Yoshinoya..... there's something about the place that wards me off.

Hi Carol - You can make the most of your trip by grabbing a bite (or two) while up there. It always makes for a fun road trip.


Thanks for the recipe. Its been 20 years and I still remember Chicken Alice fondly. Do you know if Parks Brand Kim Chee sauce is still available? I could not find it online. It seems that Parks Brand is now part of Halms Enterprises, but I don't see kim chee sauce in their line-up.


Hi Rita - I just bought some from Safeway on my last trip back home. I've seen it on occasion at Marukai in Gardena and Costa Mesa. So I know it is still being produced.

Katherine Leigh

Since the availability of the Parks sauce seems to be hit-or-miss at best, I can't understand why you Hawaiians sheepishly continue to use it? Why if I had a jar of this sauce, I could duplicate it exactly from commonly available ingredients.

S&S Saimin - do you STILL eat that stuff?

You islanders would be better off if you learned to make things yourselves and eliminated the middlemen instead of relying on department stores for everything you need.


I can't find this exact brand/sauce. But, I see several diff brands of similar product ("kimchi base/sauce" for making kimchi) at Mitsuwa and Marukai (now, renamed, Tokyo Central) in Costa Mesa. Though, Tokyo Central Does have "Parks Korean Hot Sauce"(didn't have the seafood/same indgs in it, so I skipped it) and not "Kim Chee Sauce" I got a diff brand Kimchee Base/Sauce; but made sure it had similar ingredients to "Parks Kinchee Sauce" (fish, paprika, garlic, ginger, msg, etc.). Hope it works. I'll probably check Tokyo Cent again in the future; since at least I know they carry the Parks brand and may have it again in the future.


Hi Edgar - I'll check the next time I'm up there. I'm thinking the rebranding means its more Japan focused and Parks is a Hawaii brand. Good luck!


Thanks Kirk. Updates on sauce locations are always appreciated :)

I assume/read you're in SD (I'm in OC). Like I have said, I've checked Murasai/TokyoCentral and Mitsuwa so far. And, they both don't have "Parks Kim Chee Sauce"; but, that can always change I guess. I haven't checked the big H-Mart in the Diamond Plaza on Jamboree yet, nor other places in Irvine (like Zion, 99, etc.). So you might want to check HMart(especially since it's Korean focused) and other places. first batch is done marinating (a diff brand "Kimchi Base") and I'm about to fry some up right now today :)

Btw..I am not Hawaiian and I have never had Alice's wings. But, I stumbled on your recipe by accident and they look very very very similar to certain wings I have had in SF (the same exact color) - which I have been searching a recipe on for a while and also had many failed attempts myself. I have tried many recipes; but never came remotely close to color nor taste. Yours looks hauntingly close (in color and I also am guessing the "base" (which is very concentrated) will aid in taste). Also important to mention, the SF restaurant's menu and decor are very reminiscent of a Hawaiian-Korean joint - dry spicy korean chicken wings (that look like yours/Alice's and not the typical saucy Korean wings), spam stews, garlic cheese fries, mussels, other westernized Korean/Asian foods, etc. It's called Toyose in SF ..popular and is known as a straight Korean place, and not Hawaiian-Korean at all...but, the decor and the wings/menu alone, make me think the owners are either from Hawaii, or have had Alice's old school famous wings, or both. Regardless, Toyose is very famous in SF, primarily for their unique wings. A recipe I really want to figure out.


I'll let you know if I find it Edgar! I used to live in Hacienda Heights for more than a few years and the Marukai in West Covina had it once or twice. Good luck on your quest!


@Edgar, I've actually eaten at Toyose but haven't tried those wings! Next time I visit my cousin, we'll have to try them.

Kirk, i've never had wings with that flavor combination. it sounds quite interesting, the mix of ingredients.


Hi CC - Chicken Alice's wings have been missed for decades. It was a classic back when I was younger and lived in Honolulu.
Here's a story you might like:

From my earlier post on the wings.


Yum! Kirk- did you sub out all flour for rice flour in the final recipe? The ingredient list says "flour". Planning on making this for a weekend fundraiser.
What do you think of doing the first fry the night before, and the second fry in the morning? Do you think it would crisp up?


Hi Jocelyn - I ended up liking the final version with baking powder added better....just needed a bit of leavening. I believe I mentioned that the rice flour version ended up too thin. I'd do the double fry before you serve. Fry everything once, then after a few minutes do the second fry....I have done the double fry the night before, but sometimes the interior doesn't get hot enough....though it does cook all the way through! Good Luck!


Hi ya'll,

I've done this recipe several times already successfully. But, with a diff brand kimchi base/sauce; as I haven't found the Park's brand yet. I hope soon though.

Here are my mods to the recipe:

For the dry mixture I use:
50/50 or 1:1, flour:cornstarch mix. The cornstarch crisps it right up, while retaining body from the flour. Rice flour or Tapioca starch would work even better.

I also add a little black pepper.

I use less water than in recipe (adjust till you have the consistency of tempura batter - thin ribbons from spoon that disappear quickly).

I add large red pepper flakes (like the pizza red pepper packets) since my kimchi base doesn't have any, like the Parks Brand does.

For the garlic, I use much less than an entire bulb. I really don't think it's needed. For a whole recipe, maybe 6-8 cloves; and for half recipe, 3-4 cloves. I also crush or mortal pestle the garlic instead of mincing them. This juices and releases much more garlic flavor into the marinade than chopped/minced garlic.


Caroline Young

I live in Reno NV, no chance of getting Park's Brand Kimchee sauce here. So my husband, who LOVES Chicken Alice wings from having visited Honolulu in the 90s, emailed Halms in Hawaii, and a very nice gentleman (can't remember his name) responded immediately. He fedexed the sauce (on ice) to us. However, you need to buy a case (12 bottles, but they're small), and the price was around $60 or so, including fedex shipment. To us it was worth it, because the stuff keeps indefinitely in the refrigerator, and if you're a Chicken Alice nut, you'll use it up eventually.

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