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Sunday, 11 May 2014



I've never heard of City Chicken before. What an interesting backstory - Thanks for sharing this unique food memory. Happy Mother's Day to your dear mother! :)

Ed (from Yuma)

I remember city chicken - but I'm old! I thought it was just veal back from the days before chicken factories and when male dairy calves were turned into meat every fall. But I am just remembering a story I was told as I don't know if we ate it - but it did look like those at Siesels.


Interesting history, wow...


Wow. That's a new one for me. Interesting that pork would be cheaper than chicken.


Thanks, cc. It's an interesting bit of East Coast/Depression Era food fact. (Mom says hello and thanks you also).
Mom told me it was mostly veal, Ed, but for variety in flavor, some pig was thrown in. City Chicken is still served in Polish Restaurants in the Detroit are and the 'kits' for cooking at home are available in most grocers and all meat markets there.
Thanks, Bill.
Yes, JanFrederick- pigs are slaughtered/fully grown at six months (fast), (cows are not at their peak weight until 18-24 months). Also pigs don't need to be pastured so use fewer resources; profit is quick. Hens produce eggs for around seven years; when chickens were bred, hens would be used for eggs and roosters kept alive only until around 12 weeks (to achieve an optimal size); not many available for eating back then.


This is definitely some good food history.
Makes me feel a little food smart.


Thanks for sharing Cathy, this is a new one for me too. The images is making me crave tonkatsu sauce, but that's just me. ;)


Thanks, Bill. I've always learned from Kirks posts and am happy to share what I know.
Thanks Dennis, now I will never look at a cracker crumb crust the same. You are so right.

Lynn @ Oh-SoYummy

wow very neat history lesson! do they serve city chicken anywhere now?


Thanks, Lynn. City Chicken is common in Detroit-area Polish restaurants to this day...and every butcher shop around there carries the 'ingredients' for assembly.


Loved City Chicken as a kid in Yo., OH. Was able to buy it once in the Alpine, CA Market, so good.


So nice to meet someone who knows, Shrley! When I was last in Michigan, every Polish restaurant had City Chicken as part of their 'combination plate". I'm thinking I need to make my own version for Sunday dinner!

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