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Sunday, 20 December 2009





Hi Kat - It hit the spot on this day.


In my old age, I detest those types of drivers. I would have gotten out of car and kicked in her door, at the very least.


Obviously she needed a bowl of udon. ;)
Best just to take a deep breath. You never know what a crazed person like that is capable of.


Hi Alan - LOL! I've kinda mellowed in my old age...... But she did deserve a kick to her okole, no doubt about it.

Hi Jan - I was kinda worried that she might actually hurt somebody with her 4000 lb weapon!


Wow, four hours is a long time to steep the kombu, I just might have to try that, for extra flavor. Thanks for the tip!


Hi Lynnea - I've found that in certain dishes you want a more assertive flavor, so this works a bit better.


Interesting. I had no idea that Kombu was so good for you. Thanks Kirk


Sounds delicious! I love udon, especially now when it's chilly. Never heard of this preparation of the dashi, but it sounds great. Love the description of the bad half of the peace sign!


Hi Stephen - If I recall, high in calcium and folate... and of course, naturally occurring MSG! ;o)

Hi FH - I enjoy a stronger flavored dashi.


great post. What kind of store-bought (mitsuwa, etc.) udon do you rely on? I can only assume you don't always make them fresh, no?


Hi HB - Sorry to say that some times I just have to fall back on Shirakiku Sanuki Udon. Ajihei is a bit more expensive, and Tonyu breaks the bank at over $6! I've never had great luck with the dry stuff. JFC is a last gasp.....

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