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Sunday, 25 January 2009



Very impressed Kirk.. funny I just made some Coca Cola drumsticks a few days ago which is my version of a low stress meal but was too embarrassed to post, haha. Yours look much more delicious!


bookmarked to make in the future. thanks kirk! i made some teriyaki wings last week, and still have some wings, so will make this recipe next time. shao xing wine....never have used it before, but guess it's about time to buy it and try it




Hi Dennis - he-he-he...I think that's very post-worthy...after all if you're willing to post about shokupan...

Hi Sawyer - You'll find that this is so easy to make.

Hi Kat - Thanks....


Looks delicious! I just made a batch of chicken adobo using only drumsticks.


Nice. I'm always nabbing whole trays of drumsticks. They are indeed perfect!


Those look very tasty! I tend to plop them in spicy yogurt marinade overnight and then roast them in a hot oven, sort of an attempt at tandoori chicken without the tandoor. The other thing I've done is to make ragu once they're falling off the bone, which is remarkably good for a not red meat sauce. I'll add this to the chicken leg repertoire!


CLASSIC easy Chinese way to cook chicken. I grew up on this stuff and make it all the time (slightly different recipe of course), including just last week! Although I did it with $0.79/lb chicken leg from Lucky Seafood. I like to throw in some sesame oil and sriracha for a little kick. I also threw some frozen peas/carrots/green beans in while cooking my rice to make it the easiest, more or less complete meal ever.


How did you cook the gai lan -- mine's always woefully overcooked - 5 mins, 10, or? Start in cold or boiling water?


Hi Carol - Such great portability, those drumsticks.

Hi Jan - You know, I hadn't bought drumsticks in the longest time.... now I'm wondering why....

Hi Amy - Tandoori sounds great.... though I prefer using thighs for those!

Hi RT - Few things easier than making these.

Hi Sarah - You'll notice that I separated the large stems from the leafy portions...this makes things easier when I blanch. If I'm steaming I'll keep it whole. I use boiling water, and start the stems first...right when they become somewhat pliant I'll remove them, being aware of carry-over cooking...if I'm eating them later I'll place immediately into an ice bath. The leafy portion I'll blanch until the leaves wilt, which usually works fine. I don't do the broth thing, just salted water. I make a sauce using oyster sauce, soy sauce, mirin, and sesame oil.

Faine G

Looks great! I'll try it with some thighs or a half chicken as it'll be just as good!


Hi Kirk, they look great. Thanks. BTW do you peel the ginger? Also, what is the first dish in your Monday 1/26 post?


Hi Faine - Half chicken will work perfectly! Happy New Year to you, and I love your food blog! I hope everyone checks it out:

Hi Stephen - Yes, I peel the ginger. That is abalone with black mushroom in that photo.

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