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Monday, 03 September 2007



"1 lonely potato" = a la charsiubao. ahahahahaha, so true.

now you're a survivor!

Mrs. Chicken

I'm totally making those pickles.

By the way, I am the travel writer looking for road food on chowhound. I loved your idea of looking for the semis - can you contact me? I'd love to quote you in my column. I'd give you a link to here, if you like.



"you know this is just poor people home style food, right?"

That's funny, it reminds me of a friend who refuses to order vegetables at restaurants since she knows that she can cook the same dish at home for less than a dollar.

It looks very tasty though! I'd pay for it.


Hi, Kirk- Stir fried potatoes and do know it was 108 with a heat index of 116 in Santee, right? Although in a few weeks, it sounds like something I will totally make and eat.
Hi, Mrs. Chicken-I'll write to you soon.


Hey Kirk! One of my all-time favorite "poor people home style food" is chicken tu dou si over rice. My grandmother's recipe contains no peppers but it's so good. Not sure if I can handle the heat in this weather. Don't think I've ever seen this in any restaurant. I would probably order it just to see how it's prepared, tho.

The pickled cucumbers sounds really good! I'll have to whip up a batch the next time I make some kalbi. Thanks for the recipes!


hello kirk, that looks great. i've actually thought about substituting fresh ground black pepper for sichuan peppercorns. there's a good posting on infusing salts w/ sichuan peppercorns on steamy kitchen's blog.


Hi CSB - LOL! I guess I did ok.....

Hi MrsC - I've forwarded your info to Cathy, she'll be in touch!

Hi Howie - I've had the version at Ba Ren, it's not bad.

Hi Cathy - This is pretty it was relatively painless.

Hi Carol - Boy has it been hot. As for the pickles, it's kinda easy to make adjustments after the first time you make them.

Hi EDBM - I'll be a totally different dish if you substitute black peppercorns for Sichuan Peppercorns which are the tiny fruit of thePrickly Ash tree. It might end up just being like the stuff on salt and pepper dishes.... I did check out SK's post, looks very nice, Matcha-Shio is already something I use for tempura. I was very pleased to see that what I make is very close to Kylie Kwong's recipe. Almost makes me feel like I can cook!

Wandering Chopsticks

I've never noticed the potatoes at Sichuan restaurants. Will have to keep my eye out for it now! I've had the Japanese raw potatoes. A little slimy, although interesting. And I've had Chinese raw potato salad that was quite refreshing.


Hi WC - I've seen this on a few menus..... I love spuds in all shapes, sizes.....

Passionate Eater

What a way for me to return to food blogging! I came back and I saw these food posts about you COOKING again! Yea! I am always happy to read about you or the Missus in the kitchen!


Hi PE - Yes, I'm trying to do a bit more cooking....I hope it doesn't bore anyone! Thanks (as always) for the kind words.

jeff C

Funny, I just made this the other night. The wife had some potatoes left over from her seafood chowder (ymmy), so I used it for this dish. I get love it or hate it reactions from family and friends. I love the carbs and the surprising texture as well as all the heat and hua jiao goodness.


Hi Jeff - You're right about that love it or hate thing....I love it, the Missus, well, I wouldn't call it hate.....

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

Looks great.

I remember having a dish like the stir-fried potatoes a long, long time ago in a noodle shop, but I have forgotten about it until I saw your post.

Thanks for the recipe. Might try it one of these days. It's a rare Chinese dish -- at least in my experience -- that features potatoes and only potatoes.

[eatingclub] vancouver \\ _ts

This is _ts of [eatingclub]vancouver.

And yes!!!! This *was* the dish we ate at that noodle shop! I've tried asking people about it but nobody seemed to know what I was talking about.

Will definitely try.

(I had to comment because I didn't think JS exuded the proper excitement in her comment above. Hehe.)


Hi JS & TS - This is really easy to make - the key is the vinegar and peppercorns. Please let me know how it turns out!

Lida (Octopus Gourmet)

Awesome! I just made a version of this-- LOTS of vinegar is key. I'm so glad people in the U.S. make things-- too often potatoes are dismissed as starchy. There's no reason why they have to be reduced to mush or fried.


This is one of my kids favorite dishes from when we lived in China. They will be so excited when I serve them this tonight! We really miss the home cooking of our friends there and I really wished I learned to make these simple home dishes while I was there. What I wouldn't give for some fried egg and tomato!


Hi Roxie - I'm glad you can find use for this recipe. Please let me know how it turns out. Make sure to adjust the vinegar, salt, and spices to your taste. Good Luck!

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