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Tuesday, 11 January 2011


 Jeff C

Kirk, you lucky man. To be able to get your hands on the unadulterated peppercorns and to taste it is amazing. I really do pity people who've never had the real thing.


sounds spicy and that you need a lot of rice with this, which is a good thing :)


whoa, irradiated? entire face!? sounds pretty potent!!! and delicious!


Now this looks extremely tasty!!!


Wow that looks like magma! ;) It seems every step requires a little bit of hot spices. I can imagine it's a very nuanced and delicious spicy dish!


Hi Jeff - It's much more numbing than what you get here in the states.

Hi Kat - I didn't think it was particularly spicy..... but I did have two bowls of rice!

Hi CC - LOL! Come to think of it, my face did feel like it was irradiated! ;o)

Hi Nate - It was.....

Hi Dennis - Nah. I'm not sure about nuanced, though I like layers of heat.


Yum, bowl of spicy hot brains.


LOL Billy! It does look like brains, huh?



I went to T&L and talked to the owner and he told me the kind of Douban Jiang to get. I made the boiled fish dish and it came out very good almost like I want it, still needs tweaking. Thanks for the help.

I also went to Spicy House and tried the boiled fish there. I noticed that it was a deep red color very nice but the sauce seemed to be quite oily but still tasted good.


DUDE!! OMG! that looks incredible! What time did you say dinner was again?


Hi Jeff - I'm glad the dish is turning out well for you.

Hi Mike - LOL! You can now make this in your very own home.


Where do you get the chili bean paste? I've tried to find it at 99 Ranch but didn't see anything that looked right.


Hi SK - I used to get it from 99 Ranch market...then they were out of it for a few months. They now have it back in stock, I saw it the other day. There are other brands that are better, but this one is easy to get. It says Broad Bean Paste with Chili.


Hi Kirk,
Looks and sounds great. I might give it a try, but may have to tone down the peppers. Thanks for posting


Hi Stephen - Thank you for reading and commenting. This ended up not being too spicy. And my hope is that you'll try something like this......

Judy@ TinkerWithFood

hi kirk! long time!!! there's a place in the bay area called china rose that makes really good shui zhu yu and this post makes me want to try my hand at it too! lamb is my absolute favorite. how are you and the missus?



Hi Judy - It's so very nice to hear from you! This turned out very well. I hope to read some new posts soon!

Judy@ TinkerWithFood

i got a few of my sd friends hooked on your blog ;)! they've been visiting restaurants that you blog all the time. i just bought a house in the bay area, so i've been super busy, but i promise to post soon!



I went to spicy House and tried it the cooked fish. I noticed that it was very nice a deep red color, but the sauce seemed to be still good but tasted quite oily.

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