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Sunday, 02 August 2009



such pretty platting makes the dish look just as good as it sounds.

Judy Lee

BEAUTIFUL job Kirk! *drooooool*

thanks for the mention ;)!!!


love roasted red pepper :) this sounds and looks really good!


Hi Lynnea - Thanks...this is real easy to make.

Hi Judy - I hope everyone checks out your food blog.

Hi Kat - Not to mention easy!


Looks so vibrant and flavorful. BTW, did you see the Union-Trib's Best Of for Asian restaurants? PFChang's? Seriously...


Very nice plating! Makes me a little angry about the amount I spent at the Wine Sellar this weekend for Scallops. was an anniversary.

Thanks for the idea though.

ed (from Yuma)

Great looking scallops.


Hi Liver - Considering the source, I'm not surprised. I'm sure Pick up Stix and maybe Pei Wei made in on the list as well.....heck, maybe even Panda Country???? You wonder why SD gets a bad rap/rep.

Hi Jan - Thanks! Happy anniversary....if that's not a great reason to splurge.....

Hi Ed - This was an easy one, though I think white meat chicken/fish would do fine.


Oh, love roasted red bell peppers. Love them on sandwiches, too. I'm goin to try your puree recipe next time I pick up a few extra ones. Sounds delicious!

hehe, Kirk, you hit it the nail on the nose. All 3 you mentioned made it to the top 10 list, unbelieveable. I nearly spat out my coffee when I saw Panda Country.


Good God Carol - That last Panda Country remark was kind of just a joke...... I've got to find that list....well, maybe I shouldn't!


I like to red pepper sauce whole wheat pasta and roasted broccoli, maybe with some sausage and black olives if I have them. ("Sauce" is a verb, right?) Really good, and pretty quick to put together on a weeknight. I never thought to use it with seafood, so I'll have to try that next! I have three peppers in the fridge right now, and some 12 count Gulf shrimp in the freezer, hmmm!


Hi Amy - Olives sound like a nice touch.

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