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Thursday, 19 November 2009



Looks very hearty. I might try making it next week. How many servings can you make with your recipe?


that's a beautiful and well told story kirk! i am going to have to try this sometime as it's definitely soup weather. where can you find Portuguese sausages? asian markets? american markets?


great story! makes me remember my aunty's portuguese bean soup, she used to top hers with lots of watercress.

Rachel Laudan

Makes me homesick for Hawaii.


next time my mom guys make portagee sausage and send some up, i'll give some to zompus so you can have.


Aw man, I love making soups and stews and your advice is great. I've made this soup before and ran into the same problems with the sausage and mac. I was always timid to not leave out the sausage though because I thought it would really diminish the flavor. But since it works for you, I'll try that.

I think I'll be making this while I watch the Chargers beat KC after Thanksgiving.

I love your story! I wonder iof my four year old will eat two bowls?


Love the story, Kirk! I think this soup is right up our alley! Once the kitchen is working again, I'm making this!


Hi Tammy - It is a very satisfying soup. As for servings, it depends on who is eating..... maybe 6 of your size servings, and 8-10 of Mr C's size servings??? Don't forget to get really good smoked pork shanks or ham hocks. Also, if they are not meaty enough, you'll need to supplement with smoked ham.

Hi Sawyer - In your neck of the woods, there's one palce.... Marukai in West Covina. It's usually kept with all the Hawaii frozen stuffs.

Hi Kat - Making this brought back all kinds of memories...... I've had PBS with watercress as well.

Hi Rachel - It does that to me as well. Nice to hear from you BTW!

Hi Wedschilde - That would be great!

Hi Jan - Use the end parts to flavor the broth. The saute will lend the flavor of the sausage to the soup without losing to much of the sausage if you know what I mean. Garlic and paprika are two of the main ingredients in Linguica, so that helps balance outn the flavors. Also the drippings from the saute also add the sausage flavor so don't lose that. Letting rest overnight makes it even better. Let me know how it turns out.

Hi Carol - You know, it really hit the spot this past week.

ed (from Yuma)

Hey, like Jan I love soup making, but have done nothing like this. But doggone that looks tasty!


Hi Ed - I think many of us make soup kinda the same way....but we usually don't write out every step.....when you do, it makes things seem harder than it is.

The Office Goat

Nice story. I know how you felt: First time I ever had that soup was as a kid at the old Banyan Inn in Lahaina in the late 1970s. I was instantly addicted. It was like I'd never had soup before, so different was it to anything I'd ever eaten.

I think it's still my favorite soup.


Talk about a hearty soup.

By the way Happy Turkey - don't forget to stuff yourself!!!!


Never had the PBS with cilantro. I add the fried sausage later also. I'm stoked the local Uwajimaya started carrying purity portugese sausage. Little expensive but worth it. Sam's club in Seattle stocks Redondos but not the same.


You've certainly taken PBS up a couple notches with some added ingredients not in the usual PBS. Going to try it this way soon, though, as the weather's cooling down. I like the idea of the mac being separate also. Nope to mushy mac.

Yep, everybody's grooming the fur-babies now for the holidays. Mine's been using "clothes" lately since the furcoat had a good trim last month.;)


such a fantastically sweet post. I want to make the soup now!


Hi TOG - That's a nice story....funny how food can take you back!

Hi Bill - LOL! Stuff myself with stuffing....

Hi Kyle - You know, I was kinda fascinated, so I did a quick google.... and lo and behold, my good FOY Reid uses cilantro in his as well..... Like I said, there are as many different versions of this as there are families it seems.

Hi Gwynn - You know, I really haven't added anything new.... it's just changing around how it's made.....PBS tastes better on the second day, so why mess around with sausages devoid of flavor and mushy mac. "Furbabies" I love the term.....

Hi Lynnea - Thanks so much! Now go make some soup!


mmm, I don't even know if I like ham hocks, but that soup looks dang delicious and your pooch is pretty cute too.


Hi FH - If you've had collard greens or red beans and rice, it was most likely made with ham hocks......great stuff! Sammy thanks you.....


Well, I couldn't wait for the KC game and ended up making it for the Broncos game last week. It seemed to do the trick for the Chargers, and the guests were pleased too.

We had a nice bunch of leftovers to come home to on Saturday after a grueling drive from the Bay Area. It was raining, I didn't feel like cooking, and it had aged wonderfully. Thank you for the great recipe! Gonna make hekka chicken hekka next. (we used to use that work when I was a kid to describe "a lot") ;)


Hi Jan - Thanks for letting me know how it turned out! I will usually wait until at least the next day to have my PGS....if I can contain myself. LOL! I hope the Chicken Hekka, comes out for you.

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