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Friday, 15 August 2008



Now that is easy! Pork boiled alone is so flavorful but this little twist is even better.



A bit of orange juice is a nice additive.

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

So simple, so delicious! I love carnitas and I love that it's a frugal meal.

I can't ever get the yellow corn tortillas here though and I'm coveting yours.

ed (from Yuma)

Great simple recipe. Carnitas is so porky good. I'll have to try making it this way. Yum.

My only suggestion would be to get better corn tortillas. Living out here on the border, I've become a corn tortilla snob. No guar gum or other additives and preservatives. I've seen the ungringoed style at North Park Produce and I'm sure they are available elsewhere. Try 'em, and I'm sure you will notice the difference.


Thanks for the recipe Cathy! I always wondered what to do with those bargain cuts I see often at Henry's..
One question, do you skim off the foam while cooking or just leave?


You're welcome, Bill.
We've done it with OJ, TLB, and spices and herbs and tried it so many ways. This way works out also. Sometimes I crave the pure pork fat goodness and flavor.
Hi, ECV. No corn tortillas? What a terrible way to have to live...
Thanks, ed. I went to NPP in EL Cajon (it is new and clean still) and the tortilla/bread section kind of sucked. I do get fresh made ones at El Porvenir when I am near the Coronado Bridge and crave the difference. I find that if I put these store ones in a hot skillet with real butter, they end up having a good flavor, albeit thin texture.
Hey, Dennis-just leave the foam that forms when boiling. Do nothing. So simple-and tasty. Yes, Henry's will have shoulder on sale for 99¢ a pound every few weeks. I love the unadvertised manager specials each store has also.


Thanks for the recipe! This will last me days ^_^



I think Cathy needs to start her own taco truck!

Nothing better than a simple carnitas taco! In fact I ate 10 of these at a sitting once. It's that good. You need some fat at the end to get the crackly crispy outside...

I hope you try making cabeza or suadero's cheek and brisket! Also my favourites.


MMmmm Cathy!!!
Remember - Its a Pork Fat Thing.

I like it Michahuacan style, fried in a bit of rich lard and some pepper to go with the salt after its been simmered. That way I can get it 'frizzled' around the edges.

You should also cook it outside in an olla for 3 days over a fire pit! =P

Que buenisimo, Cathy. I am impressed!! I agree. Time to start your own Taco Truck. Good Carnitas are not easy to come by!


This looks great! Cant wait to try it


Hey Charlie-I sort of think this was how I'd eat all the time too if I were a student(and young) again.
Hello, Masa. My own taco truck...hmmm. I have used other cuts of pork, but am sort of trying a few posts using what is on sale the week of...It is all prepared the same way...
Which is to say, you don't need the lard, Bri, really...when the water goes, the sizzle starts and the crispiness happens. I have made the pork with lard and spices and all sorts of complicated ways. This tastes great (I think better) and is easy to clean up.
Welcome, Bloggin Town! Hope I may have made your life easy. You've been busy.


cool!! looks so easy, I think we'll try this some time.


It is easy, TMAH! Most of the time, pure and simple is best-and the most difficult to achieve.


About how long did this take to cook? I want to try it! :D


About an hour on low, Bryan...for 4 pounds of meat in a 3 inch pan...not too long. Let it stay on fro at least 2 minutes, maybe more, once the water is gone, to get that crispy crust on the meat...


Awesome. My little brother is coming from out of town this evening. He will be greeted with cathynitas. I'm stoked because all the methods I've ever tried involved a lot of stuff going on (herbs, spices, sugar, even Coke), but I think this will turn out better. I've always been a little disappointed with my efforts. I don't think I can screw this one up! ;) Thanks!


:D Cathynitas :D

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