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Sunday, 02 September 2007



Yummy!! A perfect chicken larb, Kirk!

(in 3 weeks time, I can eat all larb I want, yey!)


yum! i can't wait to try this. but.. what type of chili paste?


Hi Thess - Wow, I'm excited for you! I hope you have a great time.

Hi CSB - I use a Thai Chili long it doesn't have too much vinegar, it should be okay. You can even use red chili flakes, but put them in early on.

Peter L

Looks good. Try toasting some rice (sticky rice preferably), grind and sprinkle over. Also, try ground pork. A place here in SF makes duck larb (using shredded duck). It is unbelievable.


Hi Peter - Yes, on occasion I put roasted rice on this. Though, I believe it's a must for Yum Nua - Beef Salad.


Why would Larb smell overwhelmingly like raw sewage?
we asked the Thai owner of a Gresham, Oregon restaurant what spices he used, but his English wasn't good enough to answer. Truly, truly, smelled like toilet contents, with noise saying to mouth, "Don't put that in here!"


Hi Val - Are you sure the owner is Thai? If so, it could be Kapi - fermented shrimp paste. Though I don't think it smells like sewage. I've also had a version that used fermented tofu, but it was sort of more Chinese-Lao than Thai.

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