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Saturday, 04 May 2013



So.. Does the fish taste strange?
What restaurant can I find this dish?


that looks so good, I swear the Missus is so lucky!


LOL Theo. No it doesn't taste strange, it's actually delicious. The flavoring is based on one of the 23 traditional Sichuan flavorings. Here's something:

Bang Bang Chicken is the most famous.
We love Guai Wei Can Dou (strange flavor broad beans 怪味蚕豆).

I'll let Her know that Kat! ;o)


Really, it's the name that's just so funny, because it looks delicious!


LOL know, maybe I should just call it "Exotic Flavor Fish".... ;o)


Looks good.
If I was lazy I would have whipped out the sauce use to dip lumpia with. ;-)


Hi Billy - That would be an interesting use....though I'm thinking that Banh Cuom and this might go real well together.


I think the lumpia sauce is like a version of nuoc mam but with starch to thicken it up.


Hi Billy - Actually, most places here use straight up bottled sweet sour sauce for lumpia.

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