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Thursday, 04 February 2010



big awesoooome...

you will be prepared to serve up a feast for new year!

the diligent diletante

So the rice cakes itself is the same as korean ones? That is quite a long soak time for something that I always associate with quick n easy comfort food. Looks good though....


Hi Liver - Yeah.... I better start practicing...

Hi DD - Yes, basically the same. The ones I bought were really solid, the bag I have now is more like the stuff you buy in Korean Markets.


no one needs to challenge you to any cook-off, when you challenge yourself :) i can just imagine the flavours in this, nom! great job. and thanks to missus for spurring you on :)


Have you ever thought of opening up a restaurant in San Diego?!!! Um, I'd like an order of these please.


LOL Santos - I'm not even close to being in your league!

Hi Sharon - Geeez, you flatter me. I'd love to see you take a shot at these..... you're such a great cook!


Mmmm, rice cakes! Great job in the kitchen, Kirk!


Wow, what a long soaking period. The ones I buy are vacuum packed and I don't remember needing to soak them at all.


wow, I've never had rice cake as savory, sounds and looks good though!


Ooohh...sounds like an excuse to finally replace my propane tank.


Thanks so much G!

Hi Kirbie - Those are the ones most folks use. This was totally dehydrated.

Hi Kat - It's quite good.... and filling.

Hi Jan - Better get some cooking in before the rains come!


OMG that dish looks awesome! I was just contemplating a couple of days ago to steam my own rice cakes, like mom used to do. Slice them up and then fry up until they're all warm and yummy! I'll have to look for a bag of these next time. One that doesn't require a lot of soaking time. :)


Looks good but not a big fan due to the fact that it is so much of a filler.


Wonderful post! I love your step by step recipes (w/ pics too!). You should write a cookbook!

I can't believe the soaking period. And it looks really strange in its dry form - like plastic chips or something. What does it taste like? Like thick chinese noodles?


Hi Carol - Pretty easy to make too.

Hi Bill - Actually, if you see Nian Gao on the menu, you should check it out.

Hi Faye - Have you ever had Dduk Bokki, the Korean rice cake dish? It's basically the same thing. It is a bit chewy and stretchy. The have a decent version at Chin's on Miramar Road. I'm glad that you enjoy my cooking posts.... I usually make pretty easy and basic things!

Healthy food

It sounds and looks good .....


I bought a packet of Nian Gao a while ago and have been wondering what to do with it - thanks for the tip Kirk :)


Hi meemalee - This was very easy.... i just used what was around the house.


Dried rice cakes! This was just the information that I needed, now I can buy it with confidence that I'll actually use it. Another thing...I just realized that you are the Kirk that I've seen commenting on Kat's blog!


Hi Rowena - Greetings and welcome! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I've found other brands of Nian Gao that don't need to be soaked as long....or don't need to be soaked at all. If you make these please let me know how they turn out.

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