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Saturday, 03 May 2008



A mixed Asian shoyu chicken is the best!

I don't know what mangosteen is but those logans look mighty fine.


You can get mangosteen from SE Asia now.

Here is a more recent NY Times article and video:


Hi Carol - Yes, shoyu chicken is comfort food for many...

Hi User - Thanks for the info; I'll revise my post.


OOooOHh, that Shoyu Chicken looks good! Is it anything like Kaka'ako Kitchen's? I'd never had homemade Shoyu Chicken, but I love theirs...


I just went over and grabbed a bag. Some of them were a little dried out but so yummy!

I've hoped to see some for a long time. Thanks for mentioning where to find some.


Thanks for the yososimpo recipe!


Thank you for using chicken thighs, bone in, skin on. I think this is one of the most under utilized cuts, and very affordable, too. Too many people shun this in favor of skin- off breast meat, which would dry out in something like this. The thigh has the best flavor, moisture, and not too many tendons like the leg.


mmm, baked shoyu chicken. Hope you are enjoying the weekend!


yummy I'll definitely try that recipe. It sounds like a kind of teriyaki chicken? Or is that different coz the teriyaki is on skewers?

I love mangosteens and really miss them here in Aust. In SEA, durian is known as the king of fruit and the mangosteen the queen of fruit and my mum always says you need to eat them together because the durian is "heaty" but the mangosteen is "cooling".


Thanks for posting the shoyu chicken recipe kirk - now I know what I'll be having for dinner! ^_^


Hi Dee - I don't think this is as good as Kaka'aki Kitchen's 5 spice Shoyu is cheap and easy, though! Now, you've gone and made me homesick....

Hi Munch - I'm glad you were able to grab some.

Hi Billy - Now you should know that I only make easy, simple stuff!

Hi Chris - Skinless, boneless chicken breast....not unless I'm forced to. Sometime's it is almost like people are afraid of bone in chicken thighs with the skin.

Hi Kat - Thanks, as always, the weekend was much too short.

Hi Rachel - It's kinda of a cross....think of the Chinese Red-Cooked combined with Teriyaki, and you'd kinda have it.

Hi Kathy - I think this may be too simple for you.....


Wow, I've been getting it for $8.99/lb at Vien Dong IV. Too expensive, but I can't help it.


Hi YY - You need to get back to SEA.....we saw Mangosteen everywhere in Cambodia!


Maybe I can go after all. I'm trying very hard to get 2 weeks off in August =)


Hi YY - I hope it works out!


mmm that chicken looks good! I love mangosteens too, wonder if they make their way all the way up to the north coast?


Born in LA, spent eight years in Hawaii, and now in SD. Have used this recipe twice now. Awesome. Mahalo!


Hi FH - If there are mangosteens here in San Diego, I'm sure you can find them in the Bay Area!

Hi Mike - Thanks so much! I really enjoy knowing how my recipes turn out when others make them.

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