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Saturday, 08 September 2007



Oh no! I liked Jamillah Garden! To be fair, I haven't been back there in a while, but I did like it. :( Thanks for the update!

Wandering Chopsticks

But you did call it piquant! :) I love chimichurri. The Brazilian version I had at Fogo de Chao had some kind of cream so it's thicker and pink, but still tasty.


Last time i went to Jamillah Garden we were the only people there at 6:30pm.


by chance, are you planning to start your own South American restaurant : )

I just might drop by.


That's funny. I just made lamb with chimichurri last night for my cooking club. What is it they say about great minds? :-) Yours sounds much better though, probably because you added a whole head of garlic.

That's a shame about


Hi Kirk - What time did you say dinner was again?


Wow, Kirk. I think you and the Missus might need to consider writing your own cookbook. Your meal looks delicious!


Kirk, where did you buy the aji amarillo? I'd love to get my hands on some and do some experimentation in the kitchen. I had fantastic Aji de Gallina at Latin Chef, and was inspired.


Hi Caroline - Too bad they couldn't make a go of it.....

Hi WC - I think I have a recipe for Red Chimichurri somewhere.....the Missus likes the Chimichurri on greens.....

Hi Clayfu - We did find Jamillah Garden to be somewhat inconsistant, but it was still a nice change of pace.

Hi RONW - LOL! No need for a restaurant.....these are easy to make at home.

Hi Howie - If I recall, this is the second time it's happened...I think Buta Kakuni was the other time. Great minds....right? ;o)

Hi Michael - You can just do it at'll probably come out even better!

Hi Carol - Thanks for the kind words....but I usually make only simple stuff.

Hi Amy - I'm saving that for a future post! So hang in there....


Sweet! I love chimichurri! Goes great on everything, even ice cream.

I'm not kidding, although alcohol and money were definitely involved when I tried that particular combination.


Hi CP - I take it you weren't sipping Kubota Manju that evening? ;o)


The Jamillah Garden location now has a banner: CrawDaddys. Anyone want to bet it will be a Vietnamese-Cajun restaurant?


Hi Sandy - Yes, I saw it and have a photo...just waiting to have enough stuff to do a "stuffs" post. This is the competition for CrabHut that Yummy Yummy mentioned.


Ok for everyones education Chimichurri is argentinean BBQ sauce/marinade the base is garlic(Lots), parsley, olive oil, vinegar, oregano, and chile flake. everything else u add just messes with the true flavors and by the way SALSA Criolla is Argentinean as well since Peru has no Creoles !!!!!!!!!


Hi Gaucho - For your education.... - I mentioned in the post that Chimmichurri originated in Argentina - though there is a story that it was created by an Irishman. Salsa Criolla - aka Salsa Cebolla is very popular in Peru, we had it there, that's what they call it. Calling it Argentinian BBQ sauce dimishes it's importance. In Peru they consider the mix of Spanish and the indigenous people "creole". Hey, read things once in a while ok?


How long have you lived in San Diego? CA has appx 45 million people of which 20 million are Latino. I wonder why the only "Muslim Chinese" restaurant closed???


Hi Ant - Congrats, you win the troll of the day award! You know, we have four decent Sichuan Restaurants. Islamic Chinese restaurants do really well in LA in spite of the numbers. This place just never hit stride; they had a pretty successful location in OC. I guess San Diego wasn't ready. I've lived in San Diego for over ten years.

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