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Friday, 08 August 2008



Thanks you! I was in desperate needed to change my typical chicken salad up a little.


Oh, this is better than $5 Fridays! Love this recipe. And it would be easy enough to substitute the meat ingredient (to whatever is on sale of leftover). hehe, I've been on a curry kick before. Right now, I'm on a Thai beef salad kick but I think I'm going to have to make this over the weekend. Thanks, Cathy!


Cool! I like the idea of inexpensive meals! $5 fridays is pretty cool :) I'll have to try this recipe next time I see chicken on sale!


Glad to help, Bill. I think the marmalade makes it different.
Curry does go with everything, doesn't it Carol? Silly me not thinking of that. Better update the post...
It's a little game I play, Caroline-make a meal with what's on sale...If you really want to get into it, finding the markdowns only at your local Fresh and Easy the day you go shopping makes a meal even more interesting. Are you in San Diego still? The 99¢/lb chicken breasts are on sale until next Wednesday(the 13th) at Henry's.


"mayonnaise and orange marmalade" even sounds tasty. Also, 25¢ for the green onions is very inexpensive to where I'm at.


Hey, Ron- I saw someone else doing a recipe on TV using mayo and grape jam as the base for the sauce, and tried the orange marmalade with the chicken and curry powder and really liked it. The green onion price is the sale on this week, but they are never really too much. Since The Mister does not eat onions (except for onion rings and French onion soup...), I buy in small quantities anyhow.


Yummy, I like the addition of the marmalade. I often put chopped, dried cranberries in my curry chicken salad. Almonds are good too.


Nuts make every dish good, Lynnea. I usually do have walnuts and pecans somewhere in the house as well as almonds. The cranberries or even raisins would work also. Thanks for the ideas.


mmm looks delicious, I have been wanting a chicken curry salad recipe to try. Looks easy enough for me!


This one is really easy, FH. I have done others with nuts and raisins over the years...and I really like the tang that citrus marmalades have. It goes well with most curry powders.

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