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Sunday, 06 May 2012



Everything looks great Kirk! I reminisce the Fall evenings when the Ishiyaki-imo truck would swing by the neighborhood with loudspeaker. They were cooked with heated river rocks, hence the name. Thanks for the memories!


I love scallops. Where did you get these? How do you cook them - is the trick to pat them super dry and sear over high heat?

Gypsy Jan

Coconut oil is really interesting.

One of our seven dogs is an Alsatian that is allergic to meat and has skin problems. We also have a deaf, one-eyed white Great Dane also with skin problems.

Since we started giving the pair coconut oil, their skin is a lot better. (The skin condition is a lot easier to monitor with the white dog; I know the Alsatian is doing better when he doesn't scratch, bite, shake his head or cry.)


All looks good! Where can i get potatoes?


Looking good.
I really need to get myself a stove top smoker.


Hi Dennis - Man, that smell would have been pretty hunger-inducing!

Hi Faye - These weren't super great untrested scallops, but were wild sashimi grade from Marukai. Pat dry, season, dust, and sear over high heat without overcooking....

Hi Gypsy Jan - I gotta pay more attention to stuff like this I guess. It sure had me a bit confused at first. The dish turned out well, but it's pretty strong stuff...perhaps Sammy and Frankie will take a liking to it! Thanks!

Hi Jenn - I got these from Marukai

Hi Billy - If you'll do small batch, hot smoking, it might work out real well. I've had mine for almost eight years now!


everything looks delish!


looks amazing! those sweet potatoes also make a great snack. just steam and then sprinkle sea salt on them when cold.


Just got back from oahu, tried the steamed potatoes at youngs. Damn i miss all the foods..


Thanks Kat!

Hi Lynnea - The Missus usually just pops them into the microwave....

Hi Jenn - I feel the same way when I get back from a visit there too!

ed (from Yuma)

Kirk, you put most of us to shame. To cook like that regularly -- and then to have time to write it up.


Your Missus sure is lucky with all the good grub you make. Love that bottom potato, BTW. Looks like a tornado-cut potato :D


Bravo! Everything is so Paleo minus the starch!


Hi Ed - LOL! It's not that much actually. The only thing that made it "postable" was the use of the coconut oil, which I thoguht was interesting.

Hi Michelle - I dunno about that....I'll have to poll the Missus and find out how lucky She feels! ;o)

Yikes, more paleo TFD??!!??

Hannah J

beautiful meal kirk! I'd love to make buta kakuni at home. the sea scallops looked tasty, but what I really want to try is those mashed taters. that purple color is crazy. I have mad love for orange sweet potatoes, and I love ube flavor, so maybe I'd like these? :) would they be good candied too?


Hi Hannah - If you like sweet potatoes you'll love these! They'll probably do well candied, though I think they might be a bit sweeter.

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