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Friday, 09 January 2009


Faine G

I made cacciatore myself last night! I used the Marcella Hazan recipe and it came out pretty tasty. I'll have to give your version a spin next time. Looks most yummy.


Polenta is better with cacciatore. Rosemary is a key flavoring. So says the Roman Nana


Mmmm, yummy! Also good with a slice of bacon chopped and browned with the veggies, white wine to deglaze after adding the mushrooms. But, ahem, I digress into more expensive cacciatore there! (Julian, rosemary is in the herbs de provence mixture.)


Love chicken cacciatore. We usually eat the first meal with pasta and then leftover with rice. It is definitely a very tasty and frugal dish.

I make mine just a tad different than yours. I usually add just a touch of wine, a bit of chicken broth, garlic, basil and oregano. I usually only use either red or orange bell peppers since I'm not a bit fan of the green ones. I'll have to remember to quarter the mushrooms next time. Think it'll be much better that way. Great tip! :-D

ed (from Yuma)

While my recipe is a little different, this dish is one of my favs. Glad to see you've come up with another basic easy tasty recipe. Thanks!


Hi Faine! Welcome to the commenting side...I love your blog. It is so nice to see and know that young people cook food well. This is a basic recipe of mine, which can always be jazzed up with whatever you find on the shelves.

Hey Julian- Polenta is good with it, but I make polenta from scratch...and two hours of the pot on the stove, or an hour in the oven versus boiling water and making some noodles...

Hi Amy- Bacon? I could try that. Thanks for the idea. I never deglazed this one, just tossed in wine as my liquid. I always seem to have an open bottle. :)
Yes, Herbes de Provence has rosemary, marjoram, thyme, savory and sometimes lavender...a blend kind of the same way curry is a blend of spices. Although there are so many possiblities of a curry blend...

Your recipe sounds good too Carol. I guess I use whatever is around...and the stuff I showed for this was what I had when I was ready to start cooking.

Thanks, ed. I just have to take out my camera when in the kitchen a little more often.

the office goat

Made this saturday night.
Didn't have any bell pepper, but I did have an onion. No herbs de provence, but I did have marjoram, thyme and a large rosemary bush outside. Used a bottle of 2-Buck Chuck for the liquid. Served it over some fresh spinach&garlic pasta from Fresh&Easy but otherwise stuck to the recipe.
My wife and I really liked it. My kids thought it tasted "funny" (I need to give them wine more often, I guess) but they both loved the mushrooms.


Well, you have all the flavors in there, tog, so perhaps the varietal of the Charles Shaw was off...:)

Seriously, the only thing I can think of that coud make it taste 'off' would be bitterness imparted by the fresh rosemary. I, too, have a rosemary plant, purchsed as a $2 four inch potted 'Christmas Tree' a few years ago, which has now grown to an about 5 foot cube. It is of the Chernobyl variety. I use a lot of fresh rosemary and find I have to be careful with sauces.

the office goat

I think the flavor was great, it's just my young kids haven't had a lot of experience yet with chicken cooked in wine. There weren't any "off" flavors unless one was to eat one of the rosemary branches (and I pulled those out before anything went on the kids' plates). My kids are just finicky (as kids are wont to be). In fact we had the last of it for leftovers last night and my 4-year-old son insisted on getting some of the chicken from my wife despite disavowing it a few nights prior. I'll be making it again, and hopefully next time there will be some bacon in the house, you just can't go wrong with bacon.

I think I'm going to make the poormansmayofreemockpankodynamite with scallops again later this week. The kids love smashing the crackers. ;-)


Oh, you can indoctrinate the little ones into the joys of wine, tog. I'll try to help :)

..and yes, Bacon does go with everything.

Love that PMMFMPD. Sometimes I just mix butter and crackers and cream and bake it in the toaster oven on a cookie sheet...sad little life I have...made happier with Saltines.

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