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Friday, 03 April 2009



Great dish, Ed. It reminds me of my penne pasta with anchovies and asparagus dish that I love. I love the flavor that the anchovies add to the pasta.


Ed, it looks great. Can't wait to try it out.


i was just thinking about five dollar fridays too and wondering what happened to cathy.
i don't think i've ever had a sardine before...bookmarked this recipe for the future. it looks delicious. what does a caper taste like btw?


Hi ed- This is a perfect way to use sardines in olive oil other than eating straight from the can. It was my dinner last night, since I was finally hungry again. (I'll be back soon, Sawyer.)


Hi Ed, Great dish. I always try to sneak anchovies into recipes. they really give a nice deep complex backbone to a dish. One of my favorites is collard greens sauteed with tons of garlic and anchovies.Yum!

ed (from Yuma)

Carol, stephen, thanks. Try the recipe - modify it how you will - it's pretty good and easy.

sawyer - sardines are very common in Europe and America. A convenient canned protein with mild fishy flavors. As I understand it, several different species are packed under that term. They are very healthy to eat, and being low on the food chain aren't full of mercury etc. For this dish, you don't want the little double layered fish. These were not smoked, although that might provide an interesting flavor addition.

Capers are a slightly pickled bud of a bush native to the mediterranean. More complex and subtle than dill pickle.

Cathy, glad you liked.

And yeh, Michael, anchovies do add that deep complex backbone. I have a friend who sneaks them into all sorts of dishes without telling his wife, who claims she "hates" anchovies. haha.


Nice. I'm making this tonight. A variation I've made in the past is to use the sardines packed in tomato sauce with a little extra tomato sauce (from the Mexican section at the grocery store).

ed (from yuma)

Jan, hope you enjoy.

Yeh, I used to make red pasta sauce with sardines in tomato sauce all the time, but I don't like the Mexican sardines. Really best with Monterey bay sardines, but many years they are unavailable.

You can also add fennel, fennel seed, and raisins to the red sardine sauce and I believe it is called St Joseph's sauce. When done right sardine pasta sauce is, imho at least, better than clam sauce.


By the way, this turned out great. However, I was almost fired for reheating my leftovers in the breakroom. Pungent! ;)

Lillian Hsu

In the midst of the shelter in place, we've been doing a lot of cooking from the pantry. This was the perfect recipe to use up what's in our house. Gourmet meal, easy to assemble. Thanks, Ed!


Hi Lilian - We're so glad that you enjoyed the recipe.
Sadly, Ed left us in 2017:

But I'm certain he would have loved your comment!
Thanks again for taking the time out to visit and comment and for helping keep Ed's mmm-yoso legacy going!
Hope you are safe and in good health.

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