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Thursday, 03 July 2014



What is on that cauliflower sandwich? Green apple? Onion? Looks good whatever it is!


Thanks for reading through, SteveC! It's roasted cauliflower, Monterey Jack cheese, arugula (a bit peppery/bitter) with sliced Granny Smith apple with garlic and honey on the toasted squaw bread. It really is good and at the Grinders booth in Plaza de Mexico...I keep trying to replicate it at home.


What a great (almost) wrap-up post! That cauliflower sandwich was pretty good, I must say! Wow, you also those Mardi Gras Beatle heads in action too! The fair is not just about the food and rides but also about the competitions (4H, baking, crafts, etc). A lot of hard work goes into making these fairs a fun experience for all.

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Any other favorites besides the cauliflower sandwich? Possibly going on Saturday and the food can be very hit or miss so currently scanning SD blogs for recommendations :)


You are so right, cc. The 'behind the scenes' planning, execution and daily variations of things to do make each visit unique- I hadn't seen the Sidewalk Chalk art competition before, much less what the gate opening looks like (I did see the Boy Scouts raising the flag and Pledge of Allegiance once a few years ago).

Hi J.S.- Other favorites are the artichoke sandwich and/or falafel sandwich at Roxy's, near Bing Crosby Hall. The lobster sandwich (on the infield) was really good. The plain (not bacon wrapped) turkey legs and the Caramel Apple Tower are always good. Chicken kabob with hummus at Chicken Charlie's is tasty. The Mister likes the pesto from Pignotti's (also near Bing Crosby) and I always must get a cream puff- *real* whipped cream! Have a great time and try to see everything!


I didn't get a chance to visit the fair this year so this part 2 post really made me smile. The pictures brought me there if that makes sense. Were these photos all from ONE day. Wow - how do you pace yourself w/ the food you try on a visit? Do you go with an itinerary (I always want to but get shot down by everyone). The goat pic was great - the ones lounging on the table was too funny.


Thanks, Faye- I was at the Fair twice before it opened and five times while it was running; my brother and his son drove here from Detroit (on a cross country tradition started by my dad) and all of us went there on a Tuesday, when we bought more than the photographed $2 Tuesday items. I am diabetic: can eat anything, but in moderation (20 carbs per meal), so try to make smart (and share-able) choices.

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