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Sunday, 07 December 2008



I don't think I could live without my Big Kahuna. It's awesome!


very interesting....i think my neighbor has one of these...i never knew what they were
both recipes look good...gona have to try it out with my puny stove... =(
nice title!


and btw...what happened to 5 dollar fridays?


are you a restauranteur?


does this mean you have to cook the missus will give up her post in the kitchen and you will take over permanently?? everything looks good!


My wife just said she's envious of your "big kahuna." 8) We need a real backyard before getting one, or else we may burn down the complex. Concidentally, during my wife's holy trek to Golden Gate bakery for her egg custards, we walked by by the Wok Shop here in SF. I thought of you and the Big Kahuna, and now I come back and find a whole post for me!

Looks like you were able to generate a lot of wok hay in those dishes. Awesome!!!


Hi CP - I agree.... we've totally lost respect for restaurants who can't do green veggies just right!

Hi Sawyer - Cathy is on vacation... and $5 Fridays will be returning soon. She'll be happy to know you miss them!

Hi Freddy - Are you kidding??? I'm just a hack home cook... who likes to eat!

Hi Kat - In order to give something up, you have to have held that post in the first place..... he-he-he...

Hi Liver - Everytime I use the Kahuna, I think of you. The Chow Fun turned out exceptionally good. I hope you get a backyard of your very own soon!


You're killing me, Kirk. I'm staring at my sorry oatmeal but dreaming about chow fun and ong choy (kong xing cia is what we called it). My mom used to make ong choy all the time when I was little because it was the only greens I would eat willingly. Ah, good times!


My Big Kahuna also makes me some awesome kang kung...the high heat makes it neat!

I'm indebted to you for telling about the BK!

Jeff C

Kirk, I still have yet to pull the trigger and get one. But that seems like a great price. Maybe I will get one but I'm a bit of a wuss in doing propane. I think of all the horror stories of tanks blowing up and houses catching on fire.
Anyways, I have the perfect dish to do for the outdoor burner- Char Kway Teeow or Cheong FUn with XO sauce. Both of these need excellent wok hay to make it work.
Also- I believe the Morning glory other names are water spinach is Kong Xing Cai or Water convolvulus, a water weed that clogs water ways. See we need to eat this not herbicide it to death. Yams greens are also in the same family so they have a similar taste.


Hi Carol - Sorry about that..... man, the Water Spinach in SEA is so good. I think they harvest it younger... it's so much more tender.

Hi Elmo - Nothing like high heat for stir frying!

Hi Jeffrey - I used to feel the same way about getting a Pressure Cooker, but after I got one..... Don't forget "water spinach" and rau muong... it's like the plant with 10,000 names!


Hey Kirk,

I've been eyeing that Big Kahuna for awhile. Does it come with a wok and the gas thing? I need to get a bigger house before I can get one. I really want one. It's very interesting how we like and cook the same type of food. Isn't that weird? By the way, did Sam call you for lunch this Sat at Sab-E-Lee? We're planning to meet there for lunch....


Hi Tammy - Of course we eat alike... "great minds, and all that stuff!" ;o)Sam hasn't spoken to me yet, but I may see him later this week! The Big Kahuna is the ring and stand, with the regulator. The wok and propane you provide yourself. It is a bargain for a shade over fifty bucks.


PedMa likes Big Kahuna!

Also, Thai style pak boong fi daeng(PBFD)...more red chiles to make it look like Xmas tree or so my missues from Thai Northeast says....

BTW....P-Koby @ Sab-E-Lee can make PBFD on request....arrrrrroooyyyyy ma krab! Sometimes the simple things are just the best!


Hi PedMa - I tried the 12 chili version.... pounded in the Pok-Pok. Ouch..... or more like OUCH!!!


Aha! What does the big kahuna look like? I totally want to setup some kind of an outside gas powered wok! I had better go back and read all your posts. From the comments, this brand is a popular one, no?


Hi FH - Yes, the Big Kahuna is very popular. It's a very dependable device.....I've badly neglected mine, but it still works like a champ.

Some photos here:

Andrew, a wok lover

Good post..can't get Kahunas here in England, but I have a slightly lower powered version and it works great with a wok. Nothing beats seared vegetables.


Hi Andrew - High heat cooking is wonderful!


Thanks Kirk. I just tried my new burner for Easter brunch at the in-laws this last weekend and my MIL commeneted that she hadn't had stir fry that good since she was a girl in Taiwan when her grandmother used a hug wok on a charcoal grill.

It was weird accepting the compliment because I don't think it had anything to do with my ability at all. It took all of 5 minutes and it was wonderful.

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