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Thursday, 26 January 2006



Who cares if it isn't authentic? All that matters is that it tastes good :)


Hi Kirk! I used to work at a thai takeaway restaurant (with a real thai lady) and guess what she also used in her pad thai???
Ketchup!!! :) Maybe its modern pad thai?


Because of you I asked for a Big Kahuna for Christmas and got it! I've made some tasty meals on it already, but you were right about its power...quite overwhelming at first!


Because of you I asked for a Big Kahuna for Christmas and got it! I've made some tasty meals on it already, but you were right about its power...quite overwhelming at first! You are right about the noodles sticking to the hot spot. I made pad see ew recently and c clump of the noodles fused after I neglected to turn it for three seconds.


Looks incredible. I really like how you substituted out some of the oil for stock. I do that a lot when I cook as well. Just makes you feel as if you can eat more!



Looks good and sounds good to me, and sometimes you have to go with taste (or what you have to work with) more than authenticity. :)


Hi Kathy - Thanks! I just wanted to make clear that this was "Our version".

Hi Rachel - How funny and fascinating. You may be right!

Hi Elmo - I'll be waiting for your "Kahuna" post. I was so amazed at how good just plain old stir fried shrimp was. Trying to take photos when cooking with the Kahuna is really difficult. Turn your head for a second and everything might be charred....

Hi MEalcentric - The "stock-swap" allows us to justify eating foods that are a bit higher in fat when we eat out!

Hi Mills - Thanks. Just didn't want to outrage any purists.


You know, now that I think about it, I wouldn't be surprised if lots of restaurants here use ketchup. Now that I think of the pad thais around here, many do have a hint of ketchup taste.

I wonder if it's possible that they use Sriracha sauce. It actually reminds me of ketchup, except that it's spicy. Sriracha has become my preferred condiment for french fries.

Barbara Fisher

There is no one "authentic" version of pad thai anyway--so it is all good, Kirk!

Yours looks tasty--I may have to try to make it myself!


Kirk, How sturdy is the stand for the Big Kahuna? Can you move the wok back and forth without feeling like the stand is going to tip over?

I'm sure all of your neighbors were drooling from the scent coming from your yard.


Hi Howie - I think you could be right. It seems that every Pad Thai is different.

Hi Barbara - Thank you! I hadn't made Pad Thai in about 6 years or so, and wasn't quite sure how it would turn out.

Hi Jack - It's very sturdy, and the legs telescope - it can also double as a turkey fryer. Here's my post when I first got it:

I made my decision based on may of the comments on Amazon. Which you can click on from the post - the stand can handle up to 50 lbs.

Gigolo Kitty

Happy Chinese New Year!

The last one is considered a little rude but that was what I always thought about when I was little.

I am inspired to make Pad Thai now. I'm breaking out my favorite Thai cookbook, The Taste of Thailand. I haven't made anything from it since Son-in-law eggs. It was interesting. Hmmm.

Maybe I should try it with the eggs I got from the Farmer's Market. That is if my egg loving roommate doesn't clobber me when she wants her poached egg on buttered toast.



Hi GK - Happy Chinese New Year to you too!


Hi Kirk,

How ambitious of you to make pad thai at home. I made it once a long time ago, and haven't made it since. Perhaps, I need to bust out the wok sometime soon.

Looks delicious!


Hi Reid - Yep, bust out that Wok! Wasn't too hard, justhadn't made it in a while and felt out of synch.


We've made pad thai a lot using the recipe which appeared in Cook's Illustrated awhile back; it's ver good, ut now I'll have to try some other versions to compare!


Hi Donna - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I haven't heard from you since, well about maybe November or so, and am wondering how Your vacation went. I think that everyone has their own version of Pad Thai, and there's alot of leeway, which allows us to all be a bit creative!



I was amused by this discussion of Pad Thai...I admit, it's a labor-intensive dish, and anxiety-producing because I always worry about overcooking the noodles and having them all break apart in little mushy pieces... but when one is craving it, it's worth the trouble to try and do it.

I recently threw together a sort-of pad thai dish on a whim after years of not making it. here's what I did:

1. Boiled half package of bean thread vermicelli for about 4 minutes, set aside
2. Sauteed sliced onions, small chunks of eggplant, and garlic, and quickly added some frozen, pre-cooked jumbo shrimp, cooking just enough longer to heat the shrimp
3. Created a sauce from:
a. 1/4 peanut butter
b. 1/2 can of tomato paste (I guess ketchup would work fine instead?)
c. 2 tablespoons of tom yum soup paste (other similar thai flavored paste should work too)
d. One teaspoon Sriracha
e. One teaspoon or more to taste of soy sauce
f. juice of one lime (or more if you like)
g. enough water to thin out this mixture into a sauce consistency

Heat a through f in the same wok or pan you sauteed in and cook enough to blend the flavors and simmer until you get the right consistency. Toss with noodles in large enough container and add meat/veggies and mix well. Add more lime juice, chopped basil or cilantro, bean sprouts, you get the idea...

If I did this again, I would leave out the eggplant- it didn't seem to go well with Pad thai. Carrots or brocolli should work better!

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