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Wednesday, 30 November 2005



Wow, I don't think I have ever seen bamboo shoots that look like that. I'm only used to the canned, rectangular strips you see in Chinese restaurants. Even if they are canned, the tips are beautiful! The lotus root, too--it's like a work of art.


Hi Kirk,

I like lotus root too, but do you normally like them a little crisp? I don't like them when they are too soft.

As for the wakame, I normally have it in soup and have never tried it with takenoko. It looks delicious and it looks like something I need to try. In addition to being out of commission online, I've been a little under the weather too. *sigh*


Hi Angie - Just think how good they would look if I could take photos like you! If you want canned bamboo shoots like these, get the young Bamboo Shoot Tips.

Hi Reid - I like my "hasu" on the crisp side. I think that's why I made sure to note that they shouldn't be overcooked - kind of defeats the purpose - mushy lotus root = yuck! Hope you feel better, and am anxiously awaiting all your posts!


Funny...I've never seen bamboo shoots in Japanese cooking before...just goes to show that there's more to it than Teriyaki and Sushi! *slapping myself on the forehead*


Oh this loks like more things to add to my list of growing recipes! ACK I am SO behind. I have to agree I don't like them too soft either. :) I w2ill have to try both recipes.

Oh I love wakame! Especially used for wrapping rice and korean hot sauce...Yum!


oh and made into sweet vinegary (sometimes alittle spicy) banchan...oh I need to make some.


Feel better soon!


Hi Elmo - So you've never had Sukiyaki, or other "Nabe" type dishes? Wow....

Hi Mills - There's a version that's served as panchan that I love too - it's served with kochujang - I wish I knew how to make it!

Passionate Eater

Those pictures are easy on the eyes Kirk. Have you ever looked at any of those oversized cookbooks published by Hermes House? They sell em' at Borders and Costco, and they go for pretty cheap ($5.99 when on sale). They are paperback, and they have these incredible step-by-step pictures of recipes. Their books remind me of your site. . . Except your's is much more "mmm-yoso!" ;)


Mmm...I love bamboo shoots! I remember seeing the real deal and having to prepare them when I visited family in Japan. WOW!


Hi PE - I've seen those books, but have never really looked through them. Thank you for the nice compliment.

Hi Kristy - Raw Bamboo Shoots do take a while to cook, and I remember the smell....



Is the wakame banchan made withthe kochijang or served on the side? If I can find what you are looking for I will post it, or e-mail...actually maybe I will do both! ;)


Hi Mills - It's served with the Kochujang - and has a bit of a sweet taste as well. Look forward to the recipe!


I think I know what you are talking about Kirk, and it is pretty easy.


Hi Mills - thanks much! :o)


I ate a version of the lotus root kinpira at Kiriko, a sushi restaurant in west LA. They shaved the lotus super-thin and served it crisp and cold with gomae. Your recipe sounds pretty close! I'm going to try cooking it today. Thanks!


Hi Mel - Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! Please let me know how it turns out.

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