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Saturday, 19 April 2008



Ahhh, beautiful beef teriyaki! I think I have some flank in the freezer. Time to go defrost that baby...


teriyaki has to be rib eye. You know it's rib eye after you choke on the gristle.


LOL Ron .. well pointed out. That is a simple and easy recipe Kirk, will definitely try it out sometime. I know exactly what you mean about cravings of food gnawing at you until you can't take it no more :)


ooh, after seeing this, I think I may have to cook up a batch of bulgogi :) or maybe I'll try your teriyaki recipe :)

ed (from Yuma)

Looks tasty and easy. You were cooking this in the 4th grade? All I could do in the 4th grade was tuna sandwiches, canned soups, and maybe scrambled eggs too.


It looks like bulogi but if you sprinkle a little sesame on it it's teriyaki. ;-)
Ok back to Vietnam, please?
Thanks for an umber easy recipe my wife can do!


awesome, Santouka in sd.

Green Turtle

I was in that Santouka line, was the 25th customer. Once they opened at 11, the line moved fairly quickly, only waited about 20 minutes or so before placing my order. I thought the miso broth was a little bit too much on the salty side and definitely had MSG in it. I'll use my free ramen coupon for one of the more exotic expensive ramen bowls next time.



While trolling the web this evening, I thought I might have read another blog that mentioned this Santouka in SD. The "review" was not to favorable. Looking forward to your report.


I went to Mitsuwa yesterday (Sunday) around 5 and there was no real line for Santouka, so it seems to be better. Had no appetite, so I can't speak to the flavor yet.


Hey Kirk! Santuoka looks very intriguing, but I'm going to wait until the excitement dies down a little bit before I try it. By the way, I LOVE the Big Kahuna! That's an amazing piece of equipment and you've just inspired a potential belated b-day gift for my mother.


Hi Carol - RONW is right...needs to be sliced rib eye - though if you marinate flank or skirt, and grill that's great stuff!

Hi RONW - LOL! This meat was sooo tender, that it just didn't feel right!

Hi Rachel - It is really easy....

Hi Kat - Sometimes you just have to give in to those cravings....

Hi Ed - There's nothing to this....mix everything up, dump in the meat.....Mom used to do the cooking most of the time.

Hi Billy - LOL!

Hi jm - Yes, at long last....

Hi GT - Yes, the miso ramen is a bit too salty, I usually stick with the Shio Ramen.

Hi Reid - Sometimes it's better to wait a while....and I do know that all Santouka's are not created equal.

Hi Trent - That's great to know.....thanks!

Hi GF - We've been using the Big Kahuna quite frequently...and it's very expensive.

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