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Saturday, 30 May 2009



mmm looks delicious!

ed (from Yuma)

Nice to have a jook recipe.
Sounds good - would this basic recipe work for other rice porridges (I have memories of the last time I tried to cook such a thing)?


What's the last piccie? Kimchi chijae?

Yum :)


Hi Kat - The Missus enjoyed it!

Hi meemalee - Yes it is....

Hi Ed - Funny thing, Northern Chinese "jook"(very plain) is different from Cantonese "jook"(cornstarch/MSG). Jook in Hawaii(uses turkey/chicken), is different from both of those. Korean "juk" in this case uses sesame oil, one of the recipes I've used to make Dak-juk (chicken porridge), of course uses chicken, but also sweet glutinous rice in addtion to short grain. And ten there's Filipino Arroz Caldo and Japanese Okayu(which I've had served with umeboshi)........ I could do a week of Asian rice porridge and each would be different.


Sounds so complicated...


Hi Billy - Nah...when it comes down to it, this is just Chao!


Fancy name for such a simple dish. LOL


Man, I'll have to forward this to my skin diving brother. ;)

I made turkey jook after Thanksgiving one year. It fed us for a couple of weeks!


Hi Billy - I guess it is.... ;o)

Hi Jan - That's the thing about can really make small portions. The Missus did finish this all up.


I haven't had rice porridge in years. My mom used to make plain rice porridge for Sunday breakfasts and I would eat it with rousong. Yum!


Hi Carol - Plain porridge is how it goes for the Missus and Her family. It is a regular breakfast item. The first time the Missus saw me putting turkey bones in Her porridge She almost fainted.


Yummy yummy! I haven't ever had abalone porridge but that sounds like an amazing combination. $4.99 each sounds like a pretty good price.


Hi FH - It was especially good the second day....and the Missus finished every drop.


*sigh* I am so hungry now. I miss California so much sometimes, like getting good quality sesame oil. I am just lucky mom sends me big cans of Kadoya, still cheaper than the small bottles that cost 4 dollars on the cheap side. :(


Hey Mills - It's very nice to hear from you! I hope all is going well.


:) Going good! Wish the exchange rate was better. Oh well I guess we're staying in to eat. :P

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