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Saturday, 04 July 2009



Wow, those mushrooms look delicious! Hehe, must be a chicken wings day since that's what I whipped up, too.

Hope you and the whole mmm-yoso gang had a great 4th!


wow that greek marinade IS really simple... will try it though!

btw those mushrooms look really good but how come those oyster mushrooms are so small? the ones i bought were hugee


Hi Kirk!
I think it's great that you use the charcoal until the very end. grilled clams are great too and they still cook when the charcoal is on it's last leg.


I've been looking for a place to buy fresh sardines. I'll definitely check out Nijiya.


wow! everything looks so good!


Hi Carol - It's the Missus's latest thing....

Hi Cliff - Sometimes simple is best...BTW, use some good quality Greek Olive Oil...and maybe some good oregano from, say Penzy's. When doing things simply, those things matter.

Hi Lynnea - Yes, I just want to squeeze everything out of the coals....

Hi Mike - I've also seen them at Mitsuwa.

Hi Kat - It made for a nice lunch...and dinner.


Those mushrooms look really good, I wouldn't have thought oyster mushrooms would do that on a grill... mmm, I've had Zankou before and your pitas must have been amazing.


Hi FH - Oyster or Eringi(King Mushrooms) are much more flavorful than portabellos, and simple to grill. That garlic paste is heaven if you're a garlic lover.

Jeff c

Kirk, love your bbq recipes. I wish I had read this this past 4th. I might have inspired me to go out and brave the 112degree heat and bbq something.


Hi Jeffrey - You know, I was wondering how hot is was in your neck of the woods...... 112! Sheesh....

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