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Saturday, 04 August 2012



I hate to admit it, but I've never had collard/mustard greens; it looks really good maybe I need to try some soon.


Looks good Ed, what better way to get my greens! ;)


hello ed! great recipe! i would do it the same but without the red wine vinegar (my preference). i grew up eating greens like this. my dad was a navy cook and learned how to do soul food from his African American shipmates (we are Filipino American). my favorite types of greens are mustard and collards but I've never had them together. that's something i should try!

ed (from yuma)

Try them, AZ. Greens are relatively healthy and flavorful. Also easy.

Thanks Dennis - I just wanted to share this.

Very interesting to know, cc. I mostly cook mixed greens because the very first time I tried greens I used one of those bags of mixed greens TJs used to sell. Over the years the recipe has evolved. I believe the vinegar showed up when a friend from Texas told me I had to use vinegar. I kindof like the tang it gives.


Nutmeg at the end! What a great idea - I love slow cooked greens.


This is almost exactly my recipe, although I mostly use this funky portuguese chourico from the local smokehouse. Good stuff.


those look good. i'm the daughter of black (african-american) southern parents (deep south, not texas south), so greens and cornbread were almost always on the dinner table.

i still make greens pretty regularly (usually a collard/mustard mix like it is here; sometimes kale and mustards), but i don't use the meat in them--i keep it pretty simple. when i really want to be taken back to childhood, i'll throw in a smoked turkey wing. also, a thing i've learned to do is prepare the greens and let them sit overnight, then eat them the next day. the pot liquor tastes much better that way after all the seasonings meld together (and yeah, vinegar is a must ).

ed (from yuma)

Yeh, Rich, I've tried other sausages, but these are the best I can find out here in the desert. I'm sure the portuguese sausages that Kirk talks about would be great too.

Thanks cg, I do appreciate the comments. Not having grown up with greens this has been alot of experimenting and listening to people. When I get an "almost as good as mama's" from some Texas or deep south born friends, I feel pretty good. I do like leftovers - when there are any.

The nutmeg, Su-lin, is a recent addition from a friend who said "you've gotta add nutmeg at the end. That makes all greens better." OK. Seems good.


I made this last night because it seemed fairly simple and we need to eat more greens (and it's a good excuse to eat sausage, right?) The only thing I did differently was use a little bacon fat (not too much) and put out a jar of fried shallots to top with (and I let my wife and son season with the vinegar to thier liking). The shallots went really well with this dish and added a little texture. I'll definitely be doing that agin.

Thanks for the recipe!

Ed (from Yuma)

Sounds like good additions, jan. My attitude is that greens are a process more than a recipe. I always am changing things around.

On a side note, one thing I like about sausage as a smoked meat is that it cooks faster than ham hocks, for example.

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