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Friday, 23 November 2007


steamy kitchen

WOw - that looks like restaurant quality lamb! Can't believe it only took 20 min.


That looks great. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'm always looking for different ways to fix lamb. Seems I get in a rut with lamb.
Photos are good.


Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving! That lamb looks delicious. I love doing rack of lamb too since it's really fast to cook and it looks so impressive.


Funny, at my house we were just talking about how Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants are open on Thanksgiving Day, but not Japanese restaurants. At least it's true for the Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese restaurants that we frequent. Wonder why that is?

I'm not a big fan of lamb, but that looks good enough to make me want to cook this.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Hi SK - Thanks....really easy, about 45 minutes for the entire meal - lamb takes about 15-20 minutes in the oven.

Hi Koko - This was pretty easy.....just a riff on the usual herb crusted rack recipe.

Hi Howie - It does look a bit dramatic, doesn't it?

Hi Sandy - You can always count on several Chinese/Korean restaurants being's become a bit of a joke between the Missus and I. The rack is pretty mild as flavor goes, so you may want to give it a try.


Kirk, It looks great. Love lamb. Can you say where you got your rack? I got a great dish for lamb shoulder with mint and pomegranites from a cooking show. It was very good. Even better the next day in pita pockets with humus.


Hi Stephen - Australian rack from North Park Produce. Your description sounds good......


My uncle, who owned a Chinese restaurant for over 20 years, said they stayed open for Thanksgiving because "who else would feed the people who don't know how to cook a turkey?" Hehe, reminds me of the Christmas Story movie. Far-ra-ra-ra-ra ra-ra-ra-ra.

Not a big lamb fan myself but the Mister loves lamb. Gotta make sure he doesn't see this post or else I know what I'll be making for New Year's Eve. ;-)

Great job on the Frenching, BTW!


The Chinese Restaurant anecdote reminds me of "A Christmas Story".


I'd have that lamb you made over turkey anyday!


Looks good! Gotta try that recipe. Looks like lamb-lollipops :)


Hi Carol - LOL! The Christmas Story marathon night is coming soon!

Hi Elmo - A classic!

Hi Denver - Good and easy to make.


Man. Looks great. I had to come find this post after you told me about it last night.


Hi CP - Really easy to make....I had a blast last night.


This recipe looks AMAZING!! Every time I scroll past this post, my mouth waters. Ya know, I've never actually eaten lamb but this makes it look soooo good!!


Hi Hannah - This is really pretty easy...maybe you should give a rack a might like it. If you do please let me know it turns out!

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