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Friday, 06 January 2012




This looks absolutely delicious. Definitely something I must try. Wonder how freshly grated wasabi would work with this. Thanks for the inspiration.


Hi Kirk, this looks great. My friends from Tokyo don't use the yamaimo but I've come across enough recipes from Osaka (the mecca) to understand its importance. I also heard frying kushikatsu with the tororo in place of eggs in the batter makes it especially light and crispy. Will try and report.


looks yummy!


Hi Reid - Thanks! I'd like to know how your turns out, so please let me know.

Hi Dennis - I can see how using something else other than egg can lighten up kushiage. Egg can add some denseness.... Look forward to your post!

Hi Kat - The Missus really enjoyed it!


Love the innovative recipe!! So funny, people say Natto smells bad but I think it smells yummy, kinda like bread dough, very yeasty. I'll have to try your new recipe some time, and I do agree with you, the nagaimo makes the dish. I will admit to one time being in a desperate situation and using grated jicama just because it was the right color for it and the okonomiyaki actually came out fine. Now I just keep pre-grated nagaimo in the freezer :)


Hi Lynnea - I'd love to see a post on your okonomiyaki one day!

Catty Critic

I like okonomiyaki but I dunno about natto... I tried making okonomiyaki once but it didn't quite go well. Not enough oil on my griddle... May just use a pan next time.


Hi CC - It's really not too cna put nearly anything in it! A good sized pan should do fine. Heck natto might surprise you!


my goodness, what a gorgeous crust you have achieved on that pancake! When I lived in Tokyo (a very long time ago), I loved going to the cheap noodle houses where you cooked your own yakisoba and okonomiyaki. I didn't know about the inclusion of yamaimo, but imagine it does make a difference. The combination of slippery, slimy natto and yamaimo sounds heavenly!


Hi FH - Long time no hear! A belated Happy New Year to you. The yamaimo is more of an Osaka thing, but for me it makes a difference. The Missus really enjoyed this.

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