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Wednesday, 20 July 2005


clare eats

Great post Kirk!
I would kill for a plate of your poke right now!
I know this might be sacriligios but Can you use rehydrated seaweed instead?


Ya know, change the ingredients and you have ceviche... ::grin:: lime or lemon juice instead of the shoyu, onions, garlic, tomato (peeled, seeded, chopped), salt... Ceviche! I never really learned or tried to make it because I never really liked it. Mike, however; ADORES Poke, particularly with octopus. If he finds out you know how to make it, The Missus might have to fly up to rescue you! ::wink::


Now that is what I am talking about! Looks great Kirk.


Hi Clare - There are so many variations of poke', that there's almost no rules to follow, except - Don't Use Dried Seaweed! I'd rather do without. So try this, use the Shoyu Poke recipe, delete the garlic and top with Furikake, or use the shoyu poke recipe and delete the garlic and ginger, and use shimichi togarashi(Japenese Chili Pepper powder), and either dice or thinly slice Japanese cucumber and mix - the cucumber is very refreshing. Actually I did buy the Little Poke Book, and it has most of the basic recipes. Remember to use only enough soy sauce to coat the fish! The combinations are endless....

Hi Jo - Or use lime juice and oconut milk and make Poisson Cru!

Morning Jack - Thanks, your approval means alot!


She put da lime in de coconut
and made de poisson cru
She put da lime in de coconut
and drink it all up
She put da lime in de coconut
and called de doktor woke him up
She said DOCTOR....

::gurgling with laughter::

clare eats

Thanks Kirk
I am deinately going to make this, thanks!


Hi Jo - I see you're starting to "warm up"...what're gong to do for an encore!

Hi Clare - I look forward to a post on the results!


Hi Kirk,

The poke looks good, but I don't really know about the ogo. For some reason, I never did like the crunchies in with the fish.


TRUST me, we don't have enough liquor in the house to get me through an encore! ;o)


Hi Reid - Yeah, I can relate, but do you like Inamona - in certain cases that can be little crunchies...that's the great thing about poke' you can find or make it anyway you want - I know a few that will never eat poke' on the day it's made, they have to eat it at least a day after...personally I don't have the patience!

Hi Jo - How about Baklava?


Oh, I promise we will have baklava! However, have you ever tried to eat baklava and sing simultaineously?


Jo - You asking a "flake" like me to sing "crumb-me"????


::laughing so hard the tear are welling:: Weeeeell... I MAY have to hold back on that... ummm, how do you feel about huckleberry muffins?


Hi Kirk,

Nah I really don't like inamona either. I'm just a plain shoyu kinda guy...


Hi Jo - You're one of the few people who actually seem to enjoy my "corny" humor....

Hi Reid - I guess that what makes Poke so great - you can really have it your jokes please! ;)


::grinning widely:: Yup, there is a "kernal" of truth to that statement Kirk. You'll understand better when you leave, it's all inherited from my Dad.

What's really killin' me is your song references over the last few posts. I'm just wondering when you are gonna get a chance to sleep while you're here! Hope you like espresso, Mike makes the best around, Peet's only in this house. Or Jasmine Downy Pearls tea...


Hi Jo - Well it's a good thing you didn't hear me singin' in the car coming back from LA with stinky tofu.."Doctor, Doctor, give a clue, I got a bad case of Tsoh Tofu..." Ooops, better go, my morning medication is here...;)


KIRK KIRK! Oh man! You totally fit into this corner of the sanitarium! ESPECIALLY if you sing slightly off key! Make sure you know the words to the following:
MacArthur Park
Bye Bye Miss American Pie
Stairway to Heaven
The Ants Go Marching In

Those are the standards, if you don't know the words, you are required to hum as though you did know them. Between standards, requests are required! ::roaring with laughter::

Diamond Dog

Finally! A poke recipe. I always just use the mix you get from Mauraki. It has the ogo, but its purple and dried.

This will be a treat to make.


Jo - I think I'll bring my Magic Microphone & we'll kill the neighborhood...

Hey Diamond - Yes, the fresh stuff is much better than that dried, ick!! BTW, haven't seen any new posts, hope all is well!

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