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Tuesday, 09 July 2013



looks good =) sometimes it's just fun to try cooking with what is available in cupboards and freezer, without making a trip to the grocery store.


A friend of mine was raving about his slow cooker so I decided to try using ours... cooked a hunk of pork shoulder with rice wine, dark soy sauce, ginger, garlic, five-spice, and a cinnamon stick. Also stirfried some greens and reluctantly turned the oven on to bake some sweet potatoes that needed to be used up.


It was too hot to cook; we had a plate of cheese, crackers, various lunchmeats and tomatoes and peppers from the yard...


Heck, salad and sandwich for me when its 90+ degrees.


Hi Lynnea - Yes, it was a lot of fun.

That sounds good SK....

That's probably what I should have done Cathy. Luckily for us, not quite as hot here.

Hi Billy - Yeah, that's the direction I should have taken.


Nice scrimps. I'd imagine the sluggishness went away because you got your blood flowing a bit.

nhbilly was on the same page as me. Had some leftover steak, so: Steak/Mater/Cheddar pannini and some mixed greens. Will probably wok up some shrimp for tacos this evening.

Two Foodies - One Journey

What's your go to shop for kaffir lime leaves ? - We find them sometimes in asian markets like Lucky Seafood or Indian places but often these shops don't have them on regular basis. I tried freezing them but found that their flavors after freezing is a little bit different than fresh. Still looking for a place where they nearly always available.


You want to grow kaffir lime leaves? I can get seeds for you.

I made mien ga today. Didn't have glass noodles so I substituted Taiwanese noodles. The best meals are always the ones you scour stuff off your shelves.

Still have to send you some OC stuff.


How did you stir fry it so that the purple color of the eggplant still stands out? Mine becomes dull and brown.


Hi Jan - That's probably the best idea on a hot day.

Hey TD-OJ - I've found that Minh Huong usually has them and often in little packets. This one was from Thuan Phat in a bigger tray. I usually try not to keep them for more than 4-6 weeks frozen, after that they really lose a lot. I've gotten them from World Foods as well.

Hi TFD - We don't use it enough to grow them. I think you need to use a higher temp when stir frying the eggplant. In a real restaurant you'd "oil blanch" the eggplant first to hold the color.

Food detective

They used to sell the plant at Lowes.


Andersen's still has it on occasion TFD.


looks great! give you props for cooking on a scorching day!


Thanks Kat!

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