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Sunday, 12 July 2009



If you're looking for charcoal that'll burn hot and long check out the new Trader Joe Charcoal. They are starting to carry their own, just hardwood + starch. 18lbs for $7. Burns crazy hot, almost burned my hand off the first time using it!


LoL I trying making some kbbq yesterday. I screwed up the cutting process and a little kiwi goes a long way. I like brown sugar marinade and I totally for got to add some sesame oil.


what a coincidence, we're having bbq tonight =)


Hi Clayfu - That's really not what I'm looking can always control heat, but flavor is probably the most important tihng. Thanks for the rec!

Hi Billy - Many folks will say that the fruit doesn't make a difference......

Hi YY - I hope you have a fun time!


yum kiawe grilled, that looked and sounded so good! the hotter it is just means you need to hydrate with more beer :)


A perfect day for barbecue. And I love the sweet little face in the last photo. So cute.


LOL! Kat - Yes...more beer, that's the way to do it!

Hi Lynnea - I think Sammy was wondering why I was paying so much attention to a bag of charcoal.


Hi Kirk,
Great find for kiawe charcoal. I'm going to hopefully pick up a bag and surprise my cousin next weekend when we grill at the beach. He's always complaining about not having any kiawe when making his huli-huli chicken. You'll appreciate typical hawaiian style, they can park, unload their coolers, put up two canopies, wind shades and set up their smoker and grill within 30 minutes! I love going to the beach with them!

Eat. Travel. Eat!

That looks like some mighty delicious kalbi! I've never made a marinade before and your marinade sounds like it is easy to make and gives a lot of yummy flavor to the ribs. Need to try it someday :)

King Oyster mushrooms are great. I like the meaty flavor that it has, and plus the texture is very smooth.


We just got back from Hawaii where it was hot, but it seems to be hotter here. Thanks for the photo of the malt syrup; I've never purchased it and this will help me find it more easily. I can't wait to try out your marinade (the kiddo loves kalbi ribs).


Hey Jack - LOL! I love that story......sounds like my friends, they've got the drill down pat!

Hi ETE - Marinades are the easiest thing in the world....that's why I use them so much! ;o)

Hi Sandy - Try to find Malt Syrup made from barley, it has a moch more complex flavor. Also, taste the marinade before using, I have a feeling that "kiddo" may enjoy his a bit sweeter than this.


Hi Kirk!

Did you mean to say the marinade is NOT on the sweet side or it IS on the sweet side? 3/4 of a cup of sugar sounds like quite a bit of sugar for a marinade. The last kalbi marinade I tried only had 1/4 cup.


Hey Kirk! I've always just bought the x-ribs since slicing the thicker ones kind of scares me. But maybe I'll just bite the bullet and get those next time since I really like the thicker ones.

Your marinade has the exact same ingredients as the one I'm using now. :-D I actually add 1 cup of sugar since I like it on the sweeter side. I've tried brown sugar before but didn't like is as much. I also tried a Bosc pear once when I didn't have an Asian pear and it work okay.

That bag of kiawe charcoal makes me want to go out and buy a Weber. But me-so-lazy that I'd never get through the whole bag.


They've got smaller bags! I went into a Barbeques Galore next to me and was hesitant on a 20lb but the 8lbs is a saver great for trying it out...

Tried it yesterday and oh goodness it is definitely Kiawe. I can't find any other Kiawe charcoal...looks like I'm going back real soon.


Hey Mr Zompus - How much soy did you use, and how much meat were you marinating? This was for almost five pounds of meat, and it really wasn't sweet by any means. But perhaps you like your Kalbi salty? I've also found that asian pear needs less sugar than kiwi. I also always taste my marinade before using.

Hi Carol - Hi Carol, I always believe that anyone can make what I make. Make sure you have a nice sharp knife.

Hi CL - You can get Mesquite charcoal, but nothing labeled Kiawe here on the mainland.


Hi Kirk,

It sounds like I do like my kalbi salty, though I had not thought of it that way. It was 1.5 cups of soy sauce, 1/4 cup sugar, about 1/4 cup each of sesame oil and vegetable oil, and garlic and green onion. I did about 3 pounds of ribs; basically one of those packages of cross-cut ribs from Zion. The Missus also doesn't like "sweet" meat, so I've had to cut the sugar in other meat dishes like red-cooked pork.

When I said "the last time I did kalbi," I meant last night! It certainly was a nice weekend for some barbecuing.


Hey Mr Zompus - If the Missus doesn't enjoy sweet, you can cut down further on the sugar, and replace with Malt Syrup which adds a more complex flavor. 2 cups of marinade sounds a like a lot for 3 pounds of ribs....


Hey Kirk mind showing me the cutting technic for kalbi.



this looks so good...i haven't had time but as soon as i'm done w/ summer school i'm bringing out the grill =) btw, what is that watermelon doing in the picture? lol


Hi Billy - I did a post on preparing the ribs here:

Though I've gotten better. I'll do a step by step the next time I make these.

Hi Sawyer - The watermelon is just an innocent bystander.

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