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Friday, 07 November 2008



It isn't tuna casserole without the crushed-potato-chip topping!

I just made one last week, but I use chopped celery, chopped onion and sliced mushrooms (canned this time). I usually cook the egg noodles just short of the recommended time, and bake the casserole for 15 minutes. Maybe I'll try the uncooked egg noodles with the longer baking time next time.


I have actually never done the potato chip topping, Sandy, although I certainly have a few small bags leftover from Halloween. I sometimes use the cream of celery soup instead of the cream of mushroom...but never onions (The Mister, you know). Then again, if I put in fresh celery and onions, it is kind of a tuna salad...without mayonnaise...or chilling. Oh nevermind. Yours sounds good too. Next time.


On a very stressful Friday, you just gave me the only laugh (thus far) today. Of course i am referring to last week's criticism of your Friday meals. Right on, tuna casserole rocks. But potato chips are essential. Anything besides tuna, pasta, mushroom soup, and peas is elitist, effete liberalism, anti-american. Just saying.


awesome. i love tuna, and have only had tuna casserole once made by a friend. i dn't think she put in cream of mushroom tho, so this sounds good. now i can say i know how to make it! ijust looked up pimento right now and learned somethign new today as well. i thought it had something to do with an olive.


Sure beats tuna helper... :)

Speaking of casseroles, try Alton Brown's latest shephard's pie recipe. (aired just 2 weeks ago or so) To save some money I went for a cottage pie and used ground beef instead. It came out to great results. Bit more than $5.00 depending on what you stock in your pantry, but I find that I had plenty to make a second just by buying a couple more potatoes.


I was being very subtle, rooney...and am amazed at how many people read the comments section. Pimentos are not elitist, though...they are an easy salty snack for me. I hope the rest of your day went up from here.
So happy to teach something new, Sawyer. This is kind of a basic recipe and is a meal or large snack in a pinch.
I saw that one, David (I love AB) and when ground beef is 99¢/lb, it can be a $5 meal...I will be showing more casserole recipes as well as some side dishes for Thanksgiving dinner in the next few weeks.

ed (from Yuma)

Talk about a blast from the past. I had tuna casserole so often growing up - it was right there with chipped beef on toast. But recently, I've been sortof craving some of those oldies. Thanks for the reminder.


I've had 2 types of tuna casserole before Tuna Helper and one that was basically a tuna salad thrown together with egg noodles. Wasn't a big fan of either. Now cream of mushrooms would have made a difference! I am definitely adding this to my quick meal repertoire. I'll just need to keep a couple of cans of cream of mushroom on hand! :-D


Hey, ed. I guess our parents did that $5 Friday thing before it was cool. I do like a lot of what I grew up with.
Carol! You don't always have cream of mushroom soup in the cabinet? It is magical!


Right on! I make this stuff all the time. But I usually throw in a handful of frozen peas and carrots. I always have that on hand for fried rice.

Speaking of tuna, I'm planning to make salad nicoise later this week when it gets hot. I bet if you tried really hard, you could make one for less than $5. ;)


Now, I have a fried rice recipe I want to include with my Thanksgiving side dish recipes, JF...but then the Nicoise...I do that a lot and didn't even think of it. It is definitely a $5 meal. Thanks.

jeff c

I remember the first time I had tuna casserole. It was from the Tuna Helper, out of a box. I thought it was great. Glad you put out a recipe that is so simple.


my cats would never forgive me if they heard me opening tuna cans and didn't give them the juice...


Thanks, Jeff. I have been trying to do both simple as well as inexpensive recipes. It is how I eat, which may be basic to some people, yet instructive to others. I tried the Tuna Helper once or twice, but didn't care for the spices as much.
I undertand, FH. I have a manual can opener, and they come running when I pull it out of the drawer...the water helps cook the dried noodles though. Cats get to lick the lid and can...and usually get a "bonus" small can to share when they show up in the kitchen. I have a system.

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